Xiaomi (Aqara) Curtain Motor Integration

I was able to have Alexa control my SmartThings routine to open my Aqara curtain motor. Anyone have example sunset/sunrise or room temperature automations for their curtain motor yet?

Hi John.

I am struggling to make the motor recognize the entire length of the track. I tried your method without any luck. It seems that there is the discovery mode in which the motor works at reduced speed and finds the end of the track. Still it refuses to work over the entire length - only about a meter or something, not matter the beginning or the end.

Can you give me more details on how you managed to do it?

I followed this youtube video to reset my aqara motor to recognize the full 3.2meter track.

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Thank you! Yes, this video helped me. It seems that the motor came with a default setting for 90cm length and has to be reset.

Awesome, happy to hear you were successful in resetting the motor. Mine also came stopping around a meter and scratched my head for a bit before finding that youtube video. My WAF is high on the curtain automations and wished there will be a similar Aqara motor/track for vertical blinds in the future.

Once integrated, what does this look like from the New SmartThings app? Can you still operate? Also if I were to pull my curtains physically, can I still do it?


Does anyone know if the DTH will work on the newer aqara b1 curtain motor ?

Has anyone purchased the new Aqara Rolling Shutter motor that is ZigBee with model number ZNGZDJ11LM? Wonder if the existing DTH will work for the rolling shutter motor as well. Still waiting for the IKEA FYRTUR roller blinds to be released in US so I can go play with them at IKEA store. Only drawback about the IKEA motorized rollers is max length is less than 48" and I’ll need 60"-72" width for my windows.


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Yeah I’d love to see support for this too.

There is a new motor based on the Aqara B1. It’s called Xiaomi Youpin ZNCLDJ21LM (also known as Aqara A1 curtain motor) which looks exactly the same but is sold without the battery and is said to be WiFi + ZigBee compatible. Also the price is much more affordable which makes it tempting as I need 6 motors. Would that work with my SmartThings as well? Thank you

I just found this YouTube its on Korean but you can add English subtitles.
It shows the installation procedure for ZNGZDJ11LM and it also refers to Device Handler that can be installed from Github:
Owner : Shin4299
Name : XiaomiSJ
and from there you can find devicetypes/shinjjang/xiaomi-curtain-blind-sj.src/xiaomi-curtain-blind-sj.groovy
In the movie it looks working . I hope this helped

That YouTube video is not for ZNCLDJ21LM which is the newest Xiaomi curtain motor and costs 64 EUR.

@ikuuse , You are right.
I was replying to @pilot04 who asked for a DH for ZNGZDJ11LM

Thanks for confirming the DTH for the ZNGZDJ11LM rolling shade motor.

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