Xbee extender integration - newbie needing help!

Hi everyone.

I’m a UK based super newbie so please go easy on me. I am trying to extend my Zigbee range (smartthings router is in the middle of our house) to reach the shed at the end of my 40ft garden so I can use Smartthings sensors in it. Ive tried putting a smartthings plug in outlet by the door to the garden (it connects to the smartthings router fine here) to boost signal, but had no luck.

The shed has power and wifi but I don’t think that’s going to help so prob not relevant.

I know I could put another router in there but I’d like everything to be in the same smartthings location so that wont work.

Anyway. I’ve bought a 3 pin plug in to the wall Digi XBee 888-XR-Z14-CW1P3 extender in the hopes that it will do the trick of extending the network.

Can anyone advise if I need to do anything special to it to get it to work?