X10 Devices selling due to upgrade - Price can be discussed


(Evangelos Zirintsis) #1

Very happy to use them. Due to a recent upgrade, I needed to replace a series of X10 devices.

Note that I am not looking for make profit and I am not reselling. Just a nominal price to make sure that they will find another home.

The stuff are:

  • 1 Marmitek CM15pro rf tranceiver with software for free
  • 1 Marmitek 2 way tranceiver (TM13G)
  • 6 2-wire single button dimmers (4 used and 2 new)
  • 1 2-wire double button dimmer (used)
  • 1 Marmitek 2-wire roller shutter (used as a dimmer as well) (LW11G)
  • 2 Marmitek appliance modules (AM12G)
  • 2 Marmitek lamp modules (dimming) (LM12G)
  • 4 wiress wireless switches/dimmers (2 used 2 new) (SS11E)
  • 1 Marmitek slimline wireless remote (SS13)
  • 1 Marmitek Small keyfob remote (KR22E)
  • 1 Marmitek Universal IR-RF remote with x10 (EI10RF)

If anybody is interested please contact me, and we can discuss the price. Note that a very indicative price for all of them is 380 Euro, but we can discuss it (even buying individual items)

(phil) #2

why not use them on your ST. Can be easily done for very little. I have used all of mine and I had three times as mush as what you have and it seems more responsive then ST