Wulian zigbee controllers / sensors work with ST?


Has anyone tried to integrate Wulian zigbee controllers / sensors with the ST hub?



I have the exact same question. Technically it should work, but I asked Wulian and they claim that it cannot work with other hubs and their products are only compatible with Wulian Hubs. I would want to try it and see myself. But their product line is pretty impressive.

I did try it and couldn’t pair the Wulian to ST.

Oh thats good to know…Thanks for sharing.

Which sensor did you try? I just saw this:

Wulian developed their own protocols in China which were not interoperable with those used by ST. I don’t know if that will change with zigbee 3.0

Meanwhile, if you want to buy zigbee devices to work with SmartThings, start with ones that are certified for zigbee HA 1.2 (that’s a specific Home Automation profile–not Building Automation, and not Smart Energy). But buy from places with a good return policy. :wink: