Wulian Zigbee motion sensors (HA 1.2)

Hi people, so I’ve done a search and it’s been a couple of years since anyone asked this question.

I should tell you now that until about 2 weeks ago I had absolutely 0 knowledge of SmartThings, IDE (I know what Github is). So I’m now at the stage where I have managed to import various device handlers for xiaomi, tp-link kasa, and philips hue motion sensors.

I took the chance on some very cheap motion sensors which claim to use zigbee HA 1.2 but alas SmartThings will not pick it up. Upon some actual google research I’ve found that they are not compatible with SmartThings, and a post on this very site seems to suggest that a pre configured trust center link key may be the issue, given that these motion sensors are meant to be used with the manufacturers hub.

Does anyone know if there is a hope of getting information from these sensors to be able to make a devicehandler? although I’d have to learn to code…

I have found the following which you may find useful: