Can I use ST Sensors with other z-wave platforms


I have 1st Gen SmartThings Multi Sensors and a Motion Sensors. Can I connect them up to a non-SmartThings Z-wave network?

I’m trying to pair them with a AEOTECT Z-stick Gen5, any thoughts would be welcomed.


Smartthings sensors are zigbee, not zwave.

The ST multi is zigbee so I don’t think it will work with your zwave gadget.

The smartthings-branded sensors use the zigbee protocol, not zwave. They cannot be used with any Z wave controller.

Smartthings hub is a multiprotocol platform. It can communicate with both Z wave and zigbee. But in general each end device like a sensor uses only one protocol, in this case zigbee. The sensors may be able to be used with some other controllers that use the zigbee home automation protocol, like Securifi and Vera Plus. But not with a zwave-only controller like the Aeon zwave stick.

There should be a logo on the back of each device that tells you what protocol it uses. Sometimes it’s inside the battery compartment.

To work with the Aeon zwave stick, look for the zwave or zwave plus logo.