Arrival Sensor in Australia

Is this sensor available in Australia?
Everywhere I have looked is US based, and wont ship to Australia.
The Sampsung Australia site does not have this device on it.
Any suggestions?

Or are there any other devices in Australia that works with Smartthing.
Appreciate your help.

Try eBay, some sellers will ship worldwide

Full list of officially supported device for Australia:

Thanks, but do you know why Samsung do not support in Australia?
Is it an issue with telco networks?

The presence sensor, what I think you meant is not anymore available in many places. Many reports say from the UK that it is not available as itself, only with the Starter Kit of the v2 Hub. Might be the same situation in Australia. It uses Zigbee, so if you want, you can purchase one from eBay and it will work your Hub.

If it is anything like the UK, then it is anybody’s guess. We usually get different ranges suggested on the SmartThings UK and Samsung UK sites, and they never seem to reflect what is actually available anywhere, not even in Curry’s which at one time was supposedly the exclusive retailer in the UK.

At the moment the SmartThings UK site lists the Arrival Sensor in the range but the ‘Buy’ button goes to the US site, where it is offered for $19.99. If only it were really that cheap here. The UK retail price was about £29.99 at the very best. Curry’s have listed it at £12 for months, without having stock, which smacks of clearance pricing.

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Thanks everyone;
I think I’ll just try and purchase one - not from Samsung, as they don’t deliver outside of the US.
Stay tuned…

Hey mate,

You ever find one?