WT00Z-1 Install Help - SmartThings can't find it


I need some help/advice troubleshooting a WT00Z that won’t include onto Smartthings… can someone help? I’m at my whits end.

I’ve installed a 2 Gig / Linear 500 master switch–connected it to smartthings, and everything works great for controlling my Kitchen Lights. However, I wanted to have a WT00Z act as a 3-way, secondary control so I can also turn it on/off from the other entrance to the kitchen.

I have the AEON MiniMote and am planning to later associate the switches… however I can’t even get to that stage because SmartThings won’t add the WT00Z and doesn’t recognize it. I read the instructions that said to “tap once” and then read some forums that said “tap twice.” I’ve used the minimote to try to include as well, and nothing seems to work. Maybe my minimote is defective, but it seems to be working and sending commands to ST just fine. The WT00Z is lit up and the light flashes on/off when I press it.

I also have plenty of other devices close to this one, so I’d think SmartThings would recognize it (even though the hub is on the other side of the house)… I shouldn’t even need to use the minimote to include at this stage, I wouldn’t think.

Not sure what’s going on. Thoughts?

When this sort of thing happens, sometimes what is wrong is that the device thinks it has joined a network (just not yours in a functioning way). So using the Minimote, try to remove the device. If you see the Minimote lights flash quickly, that means you were successful. Then try to include it again.

Report back… :grinning:

Thanks Bruce. I found out that my minimote was at least part of the culprit. For some reason it wasn’t acting as an inclusion/secondary controller. I tried to remove it (rather I ended up adding a new version of it… The old version/tile is also still there, no idea how to get rid of it).

I did have to remove the WT00Z like you suggested and then was able to add it and associate just fine. Everything is working now. :wink: thank you.