Work devices from Ubisys with ST?


do Zigbee 3.0 devices from Ubisys work with ST?

Their own hub and app is poor and I want to use the ST to controll the devices.

Thanks a lot for your help

Hi Berni,

Im working on a couple of handlers for Ubisys devices, so far I have a S1 running with metering. Have two S1s running to control some outdoor lighting, solid so far. Will continue with S2 and the dimmer.

The S1 is running their latest released firmware so I would suppose that zigbee 3.0 works with ST.

Here a link to the S1 DTH:

@tette what devices have you managed to get working from Ubisys? I was looking at their zigbee blind controller, but also unsure as where they will work. I’m in the UK and it looks like they are european which is a good sine but doesn’t guarantee anything.

Hi Borris, I have D1, S1, and S2 up and running in my home, haven’t tried the blinds though.

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Hi @tette , have you tried the blinds yet ( the J1)? Has everything else been working from ubisys?

Also interested in these modules. Any new experiences?


Has anyone a DTH för the Ubisys 2-channel switch that is working?

any news about ubisys s2? i am also very interested for j1 device handler.

Hi Thomas,
I used the S2 DTH you created with success in the old Classic app. In the new app I have encountered an issue. Although I see the “ubisys component” (second relay( in the list under “my devices” in the new app, it is not possible to use in automations (when I try to create an automation it does not show up in the list of potential devices). Have you found a workaround to have it working in automations in the new ST app?