Domoticz + rfxcom + z-wave + zigbee

Hi all,
I’ve been using Domoticz with rfxcom to control Lightwaverf devices for some time and looking to introduce some zigbee and z-wave devices - Xiaomi light switches (apparently some 2 wire switches exist, link below) and the Heatit thermostat for electric underfloor heating

I could of course buy a usb z-wave device and Xiaomi hub and connect to my raspberry pi running domoticz, but would a better solution be a SmartThings hub considering it supports zigbee and z-wave, any thoughts?

I forgot to mention Currys have the hub on sale for £59.99 at the moment

Hi Mike,

That’s a good price, almost as good as the black friday sale. The usual price seems to be about £100.

The Samsung hub will do most zwave and zigbee but you do have to be careful what items you buy. Have a look on the forum to see if a device is supported before you buy. The Xiaomi aqara range seems to be supported via a community created device handler so you wouldn’t need the Xiaomi hub if you went the Smartthings route. I’m thinking of picking up a few of those myself.

I can’t comment on the Heatit system as I don’t know that one.

What the Smartthings ecosystem lacks though is RF support. I’ve come from a Domoticz system using RFLink and Mysensors and I’m in the process of hand-cranking an arduino-esp8266 system to control my energenie RF sockets - that was the only solution that I could find.

Hope that helps.

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For some of those Domoticz devices you may be able still use with ST which are not compatible directly with ST. There is a community developed interface that works really well. I’ll find the link for you later. That was easier than normal as the tread is active .

BTW that’s a great price for the hub.

Check it out below.


Hi Bruce,
Thanks for the reply.

Good to know I won’t need the aqara hub. That was my reasoning for looking at the ST hub. Same goes for the Heatit thermostat, this is z-wave so should be supported by the ST hub natively I understand.

I’m eventually going to replace all of my lightwaverf switches. I have the old versions which are notoriously difficult to find dimmable led bulbs for. I wonder if the aqara switches will have the same problem?? (ignoring the dimmable part)

Do you know if MQTT is supported? I have some sonoffs working as electric heating controls

Hi Darren,

Thanks for the link. I’ve had a quick look through but looks like I have some learning to do, all looks a bit alien to me atm.

Considering I would have to fork out a z-wave and zigbee controller separately I think the ST hub is worth a punt at this price

I’ve just ordered this

hopefully the right one if I haven’t got a neutral in my back box?

Note that the aqara switches are simple on/off switches and not dimmers. There’s not a lot of options for UK-compatible (no-neutral) dimmers out there, it seems.

I think I’ve seen mention of MQTT support, but you’d have to dig around a bit more to check. Hopefully, someone else can chime in on that point. However, if you’re controlling sonoffs, I can definitely recomment the Sonoff firmware and DH that is available for Smartthings. I’ve got a normal Sonoff wifi relay and a Sonoff POW up and running and it was relatively painless to get going.

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I would think that ‘single firewire’ is the Chinese-to-English-via-Google-translate version of ‘no neutral’. :smile:

Hadn’t realised there was software for the sonoff specific to ST so that should simplify things. I’ve been using Tasmota for domoticz