Woodstove Temp Sensor - Thermocouple with ST?

I want to setup a few activities when a certain temp is triggered on my woodstove. The samsung multipurpose sensor I think would melt as it gets to be a few hundred degrees if not more. Anyone have any idea on any high temp sensors that integrates with ST?

Thanks in advanced

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Me too, this would be cool.

My coffee roaster uses a Phidget with temperature probes. This is connected to my laptop, which runs Artisan (roasting profile program).

I’m wondering if the brilliant minds around here could somehow integrate the Phidget with ST?

Just a thought, but no brains behind it at all.


Here is a very smart guy! Any ideas?

At the bottom of the page in the link I provided, there is a list of code sample. Everything from Applescript, C/C++, Java, Python, etc.

Not sure if that helps anyone or not. I like java, and drink it every day. I’ve never owned a snake, but on occasion I see Gardner Snakes in the back yard. I do like apple pie; especially with vanilla bean ice cream. C/C++…grades I could only dream about achieving.


Sorry, but my development time is limited as I have a full time job and a family…


Not for the coding part, but if you had any idea of a high temp sensor that works with ST?

No, sorry… This would require a very tough temp sensor…For a wood stove, we’re talking about 450F at least…

Would a Multi set near the ceiling above the woodstove work? It wouldn’t be as hot there, but would definitely register higher than the rest of the room.

Lets get down to what it is exactly you are trying to detect and run.
A thermal sensor above the stove can be compared to another somewhere else in the room if you are just trying to determine if the stove is running.
If you need to know an exact temperature threshold, you will likely have to use something like a thermocouple and a/d interface to the system.

What I am trying to do is a little complex, I will explain the best I can (May be a touch long). Currently I use CoRE to automate some operations between my LP Furnace Fan and my Woodstove blower fans. Within CoRE I have setup to where if a certain temp is equal to or below a certain degrees it will power on my Wemo outlet. In turn when my Wemo is powered on it takes my LP Furnace fan status and sets the fan from Auto to On (Using Ecobee3 to change modes). Plugged into the Wemo outlet would be my woodstove blower fans so my LP furnace blower and woodstove blower fans can work together. The next automation I have it where if a certain temperature is greater then a certain temperature it will power off my wemo outlet which will move my LP furnace fans back to Auto and kick off my Woodstove blowers. The reason I want a high temp sensor is to create a new automation where I know the exact temp of my woodstove and be sure it is not getting to hot while to blower motors are not running. If it does get to hot I am adding in a new Wemo outlet which I will plug in a bigger Garage fan to pull the air out of the room where woodstove is to help reduce the temp. I will also automate it to power back up my LP furnace fan and woodstove blower motors to reduce the heat. I am trying to do it as a fail safe to ensure the woodstove is not getting to hot. I know that is kind of long and I tried to explain as best as possible. Setting up the coding and automating the process will be no issue. I just need something that can read those high temps and will integrate with Smartthings.

Thanks, please let me know of any additional questions.
Also thanks for the help so far!

With a fan pulling the radiant heat from off the woodstove and within the room , I believe this will be inaccurate temp rating. I would want something that is more accurate that can go directly onto the outside of the woodstove. I could set an offset and compare it to an actual woodstove temp guage, but again think this wouldn’t be an accurate enough reading. Good idea though, appears I have a few people thinking !!

Thanks for suggestions so far, greatly appreciated!

I wouldn’t use home automation for a safety system myself. You may want to work something out with a physical relay circuit and a control bypass.
Something like this: Temperature Controller, Digital, SR directly to power and a smart plug to turn it on when lower than the setpoint on this device.

Sometimes simple is better. Unless you want to remotely change the high setpoint or change it on a schedule, go with the proper controls.

I too have been trying to find something like this. I have not found anything off the shelf. But I am currently working on a solution and will post here when I have it. What I’m currently doing is using a max6675 thermocouple hooked up to a NodeMCU, to interface with the ST hub with ST_Anything libraries as a lan device. This involves fully custom code on the device and custom device handlers… so it’s taking a while. Have you had any luck with this so far?