WOL Xbox One?

Okay so I’m trying to run a WOL command that will start my Xbox up (yes I know it’s lazy but convenient) I don’t have a PC that is always on so running a server code is out of the question. I have tried using my MAC address combined with my Xbox Live Device ID along with my Xbox’s IP address in multiple combinations but cannot seem to get it to work, it’s no big deal if I can’t get it to work but would be cool if I can. Any suggestions?

Ahh Microsoft, forever late to the game and mostly never attending or attending the game but sitting behind a tall person

Unfortunately Microsoft as yet ( if ever ) do not play the connected home game easily, as it stands right now i dont think there is an easy way to do it although like you i wish they did, in the US Cortana on the phone got an update that allowed for connected services in the notebook settings section so they do have some connected stuff but not there own, this happened because they introduced there own smart speaker, in the Uk that option does not exist as Microsoft has never been able to look outside of the USA fully unlike Amazon and Google, Netflix, Twitter, Apple and on and on

I have been a big Ms fan through the years since DOS and have read about the things they are developing and going to do, that however is it, lots of chat, lots of ideas and mostly ideas that others later pick up and run with with, ie. home automation, so for now as far as i know there is no home connectivity to the much hyped super home entertainment hub that basicaly sits under the telly passing Tv through it

Does the XBox support WOL from a PC? If it does, have you looked into webCoRE? It has a WOL ability built into the system that may do what you’re wanting. I have a virtual button tied to a webCoRE piston to start that up if I need to. Check out webCoRE’s forum for more info.

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I’m a heavy WebCore user but had no idea it could do wake on lan! Thanks!

You can now use XBoot One app to turn your Xbox remotely both in android and Windows

It will be in Microsoft Store soon.

Have fun.