Wake On Lan for v2 hub

I have no idea if this is the official feature request place.

But I want Wake On Lan.

if someone could just create me a spot to let me put in an ip or a mac so i can add it to some routines… man that sounded easy when i typed it. i am sure it is not but i would love to kick a pc or my tv on with it.

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Last time I looked, the hub isn’t capable of this.

yea i knew the hub couldn’t do it “yet” I hope it will be a feature in later releases. there are also some http calls that can do wol that could be integrated but that’s way above my head on how to accomplish it

You could probably use something like a RPi as a bridge to issue the WoL through a virtual switch/momentary button.

I have an app on my phone that I use to WOL my computer.
How am I not able to get ST to do? Like, just use the app I already have on my phone… Idk I dont have too much programming exp.

i would think the same even if just http request on a static ip and port forward but i dont know…
I could kick off my entire av system with a wol packet since i use arc hdmi or what ever the hdmi control signal is called

here is a terrible work around that I have not tested yet but thought i would throw it out there.

Alexis helper should be able to kick off a web address

you would need to set up a staic ip and port forward in your router for what ever device you want to wake up. AND that device has to support wol and be enabled

here is a clear example

obviously this is an external website that provides a free service is it safe ?? i have no idea but i only use it to tun on the tv which also kicks off all of my av equipment because of hdmi control. i would not say this is advanced but you need to know how to work in the router and know how to find and keep your external ip static. luckily my external ip rarely changes if ever. I will try to test or look at the best option for kicking off an http and let you know if I have any luck.
I still stand by ST should support wol and this is a terrible work around. feature request has been done but i am not holding my breath

Well, looks like they’re listening to you. According to the API docs:
There is a WOL call in the API to bring up devices on your local LAN.

I was looking for a nice ST project, if I don’t find one already working in the git area I’ll see about writing one.

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This was implemented a while ago I believe: