Wake on Lan when Home

Has anyone been successful in issuing a command to WoL when entering home mode? Or by the activation of a switch?

wolcmd [macaddress]

This would be nice!

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Would love to do it, but that would require local hub device commands at a socket level. Or a proxy REST Service on a local computer to then send the WOL command.

Not terribly hard to do, but defeats the purpose of WOL, if you have to have a computer on to issue the command.

I do this with my control4 system, I have a HTPC that on room on event sends the WOL magic packet to the HTPC and then on room off it sends a command to a little app on the HTPC to go to sleep.

There are some appliances like the Wattbox from SnapAV and other power IP devices that can be used to trigger WOL commands as well as ping a device and cycle the power outlet if it stops responding…

I wonder if a little Ardino box could be made to do this?

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This is a function I would love to see in Hub v2.

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I do this now on my Mac Mini with HAM Bridge. Just send any local GET request to it from a SmartApp and it will wake if WOL is set in EnergySaver.

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oooh ^
I was planning on using HAM bridge to put it to sleep. Waking it up was the questioning factor here :slight_smile:

I do have an always on server but I guess that one would have to create an app in IDE for this to work eh?

I have submitted a couple of HAM Bridge apps but they have not been approved/published yet. In the IDE you will find a shared example named “Send HAM Bridge Command When…”.

Has anyone figured out a way to Wake on lan with another computer from smarthings. I have a computer always on but I want smarthings to WOL my htpc when i issue a mode like Movie Time. So if it is possible to send a command from smarthings to the computer always on and run a script (either powershell or vbs) to wake on lan would be perfect. I have a script to wake on lan just need a way to get smarthings to start it. http://blogs.technet.com/b/matthts/archive/2012/06/02/wakeup-machines-a-powershell-script-for-wake-on-lan.aspx

I would like to see this as well. Thanks.

@scottinpollock I can’t seem to get wake on LAN to work with HAM Bridge and my Mac Pro running 10.10.4. Has anything changed?

I’m sending a command to HAM Bridge that works great when the computer is awake, but it won’t cause the computer to wake up if it is asleep. Wake On LAN is enabled in Energy Saver.