Withings Home

(Derek Brooks) #1

Have you guys seen this new camera/multi-sensor from Withings?

It looks to be iOS only for now… but it looks pretty rad.


(Edward Pope) #2

I looks like they will be using some sort of API for connection. IFTTT will be supported. It is likely that this would not be a huge pain to make work with ST

(Christopher Masiello) #3

Looks pretty cool. I do remember that the other withings IP camera was terribly reviewed on Amazon and elsewhere. I hope this one addresses some of the predecessor’s problems.

(Yogesh Mhatre) #4

Any word on integrating this with SmartThings?


Any update? I doubt that will be possible really,
It’s not really an IP-Camera, I can’t see the video which VLC or my IP Camera server (Synology)
Also its seems only to have two port open (Ssh and can’t remember the other one)
And when I scanning service from my router:
Amazon, DNS, General, HTTP, ICMP / Jabber Private protocol (???may be for the two-way audio) / sqwiggle (???)

(KO) #6


Any ideas on integration / device development for this device?