[WITHDRAWN] MyQ LiftMaster/Chamberlain

I tried the GoControl and because I have older garage openers I really was not having a lot of luck with them It would cost me the go controllers AND a new garage door opener

It appears there are doing as they said they would by block ST server ip’s from status updates… So, would seem best if we just rewrote the app to have the garage door button somehow not even use the status from myq, but just show the status from an optional sensor like a tilt sensor. My tilt sensor is 100% on status, just need to tie the 2 devices (icons) together and then we’d be done with myq status issues. I’ve had my front lights tied to my tilt sensor to turn lights on when dark out, still works 100%. So the fix seems to find a way to combine 2 items into one. Use the myq for just opening and closing and an optional sensor for status.


I’ve started working on this exactly. New version of the app will use MyQ to send open/close but will rely solely on tilt sensors to determine door open/close status. Trickiest part right now is linking the right doors with the correct tilt sensors. Once I get that, it should be fairly straightforward.


What about having Pollster refresh when a routine is initiated? So when “Goodbye” is executed Pollster will refresh the garages. Or would this be too late and cause the “Garages left open” notification? If it is too late is there any way to delay the notification, therefore giving time for Pollster to refresh?

Pollster is not that advanced. All it can do is call “refresh” on a device every X minutes on a schedule. It can’t be triggered by any specific action.

Besides that, there’s a bigger problem I didn’t mention. This seems crazy, but from what I can tell, SmartThings has specifically blocked this MyQ SmartApp from reacting to any subscription events. This means that even though the Smartapp is set to call refresh based on a tilt sensor changing status or a mode changing, it seems to be completely ignored. It’s possible my testing was flawed, but this was the result I saw unless I modified the code enough so that the app was different enough for SmartThings to no longer recognize it as copy-ninja’s version.

The bottom line seems to be this: ST does not want us polling MyQ in any kind of automated way. My guess is they hard-coded some stuff on their end to isolate this particular SmartApp and kill it’s polling. This would have dramatically decreased the traffic Chamberlain sees instantly.

But take heart - all that said, I’m still confident I can work around this by using tilt sensors instead of polling - I’ll just need a few days to find enough time to get it running.

I tried this approach with CoRE and just refresh every 10 minutes because I thought that was the only issue and I could at least get notifications when left open again, but that wasn’t working.

The garage door still triggers “Home Arrival” events and opens, but MyQ app just can’t seem to sense when it’s left open, get it’s status at all. So tilt sensor would be definitely the way to go. I think I’ll order one up now!!!

I think I may have found a solution, but have not yet tested it. My issue is that when I leave a get a notification that the garages are left open although they are not. All I care about is removing this false notification. Here is what I did;

  1. Create a new mode titled “leaving”
  2. Create a routine titled "refresh garages"
    Have this routine change the mode to “leaving” when “everyone leaves” with a 0 minute delay.
  3. Edit the “goodbye” routine to have a 1 minute delay after everyone leaves
  4. Install Pollster and have it refresh and poll the garages every minute (I don’t think the interval really matters since it runs once executed) but only when mode is “leaving”

In theory I’m hoping that this will refresh the garages states once everyone leaves then one minute later execute “goodbye” and therefore arm SHM. This could be done with all routines that are automatically performed.

I’m guessing that Chamberlain had an issue with this SmartApp because it was constantly refreshing the states of the garages. If this is true then this is a simple solution that satisfies the people at Chamberlain as long as it works (fingers crossed).

I’m extremely close to having a new version of this to test! The best part is watching the door status update immediately off the physical tilt sensor (no more waiting for the callout to MyQ). I added a section in installation where you select which sensor you want to use for each MyQ door you want to control. From there, the app keeps them tied together and updates each door as its sensor changes. It seems like a small update, but I got unnecessarily excited to see it work.:slight_smile:

Just have a couple minor bugs to work out and then get the code cleaned up into github. Hopefully will get it posted later this evening.


Thank you for the work. If it works, that will be much better than existing system.

Alright everyone, I present to you MyQ Lite - my new version of copy-ninja’s MyQ integration. As promised, the big difference is that it no longer polls MyQ for status updates; it pulls everything from the separate, local contact sensor you have on your doors. I’ve been running it tonight, and it’s pretty sweet having instant updates without needing the polling. Very excited to have some of you test it and see what you think.

In summary:

  • A separate Contact or Tilt Sensor is now required for each MyQ door (maximum of 4 doors currently supported)
  • When installing the SmartApp, you’ll select which sensor goes with each door.
  • Lights are no longer supported as we have no local way of knowing their status
  • I’ve created a separate thread for the app since it’s a fairly substantial change.

Check out the new thread with code link here: https://community.smartthings.com/t/release-myq-lite-for-liftmaster-chamberlain

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Just an update to my method of fixing the “garage left open” notification. I tested it out this morning and it works flawlessly. For some reason I can’t upload screenshots from my phone so here is a link to them:


So essentially, you guys are still using MyQ hub (for basic open / close) and just using a tilt sensor? Any recommendations on tilt sensor? I am off to make this happen with some super fast Amazon shipping!!!

Here’s the version I got off Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Ecolink-Z-Wave-Wireless-Tilt-Sensor/dp/B00HGVJRX2

Slightly cheaper one here: http://www.thesmartesthouse.com/products/ecolink-garage-door-tilt-sensor-tiltzwave2-eco_02

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Just found the same one!!!

I’ll give you guys the verdict in the next few days, but this sounds like a lot headaches and money have just been saved :wink:

Been using over a year, reports flawlessly. Controls outside lights via ST’s lighting app and even SHM for security. It also notifies me when left open too long, all via standard built in ST apps. I use the same for my mailbox…

The new integration of myq lite seems like the fix.

My method doesn’t require a tilt sensor, but only refreshes the states of the garages once you leave your home (or before a routine is executed)

That looks great as well, but I think I like the idea of a tilt sensor. Really more piece of mind. I’ve been doing a “refresh” with CoRE last few days and still it’s not working right. Love the idea, but I think I’ll go with a sensor too :wink:

Too slow and inconsistent when integrated with ST for lights, SHM and notifications.

I see why you would get a tilt sensor, however I see my solution as a temporary fix until we see what ST and Chamberlian does. They claim that they should have a solution within a few months. I don’t want to buy tilt sensors if there is going to be a fix from the manufactures that may not require them.