Wiser Smart (europe heating control) zigbee dth

Hi All,

I have a Wiser Smart System (the one with the big X controller) lying around, and limited options for integrating it with other systems. I have a fair few devices (and a couple of spares) and the equipment is fairly robust, so I decided to have a crack at integrating it with a standard Zigbee Hub.

I know from some investigations that, although they aren’t certified, they are basically Zigbee devices and can with some coercion be made to join a standard network.

I only just picked up the Hub in a black friday sale, so I haven’t had much time to work on the dth or the binding smart app, but with my spare few devices I seem to have gotten basic thermostat control running.

Its my first time on here, so I’m reluctant to call this a release, but if anyone has any of these devices, or any feedback in general, its more than welcome.

My Github is here: https://github.com/pklokke/SmartThings-WiserSmartDevices

These devices aren’t sold anymore I believe, so it may be of limited value, but in case someone has some of these and wanted to integrate them, I decided to share it. :slight_smile:


This is my work for the iTRV.

It works a bit differently. (Based on the eCozy DH)

I haven’t wasted time to update to the new app… But it works for temperature control.

Hey Thanks, similar sort of thing to what I did, although I am trying to support these old TRVs:

I think the ones you’re supporting are the Drayton based ones from Schneider… its part of the reason I’m working on it… Wiser Smart seems to have been replaced by Wiser Heat, and theres no upgrade path for the new devices.

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