Wiring question/problem

I am new to this, but not a total stranger to adding outlets or switches. I believe I now grasp the concept of the add-on switch in a 3 way scheme, but my wiring is “goofy” It is not a true 3 way…Currently I have a dimmer on one end of my kitchen, and a switch at the other. The dimmer will only work if the switch is in the “on” position, which tells me the power is coming from the switch. I cannot turn the light on/off from both locations.

Here is the dimmer:

Here is the switch:

Now, here is my problem…I would like my new GE 12724 dimmer where the current dimmer is, and the add-on switch where the current switch is. Is this even possible? The location where the dimmer is also has another switch which is wired to a hall light, and it appears to be the one that supplies the power to the remote 3 way switch, so I have power coming into the 2 gang box, just not wired up the way I would like!

I have both the GE 12723 and GE 12724 in hand and am ready to go, just don’t want my first run at this to be a bust!

Thanks is advance for your help and guidance!

So the smart switch must be installed where the power from breaker is located (which looks like your dimmer switch). The good news is that both the GE smart switch and add-on switch work as dimmers. You do not wire them like standard 3-way switches.

It is hard to see in your boxes, but you stated that you have the power from breaker in the dimmer switch box and the load to light in the toggle switch box. If that is the case you wire the GE switches like so:

Thanks for the quick reply!

From your explanation, as well as the diagram, that was my understanding as well. Every one of our pseudo 3 way switches in my house are wired the same way, and of course, all of the boxes being fed from the breaker box are the exact opposite of where I want them! LOL

You made my day when you said both the add on and smart switch could both be used as a dimmer!

Thanks again for your help! I am off to try and locate which breaker supplies these lines now! GRRRRR

Pretty uneventful install…Couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get the lights to turn off though!!! Hold the dimmer in, and it did indeed get dim, but would not shut off! Press and release the off side of the switch, and viola!! LOL

Live and learn! Thanks again for your help!! Off to wire a few more switches!!

Great. Glad it worked for you.