GE z-wave dim swith

I have installed a 3 way ge sim switch and it doesn’t dim the lights via my SmartThings hub. It just performs on and off. I checked all the wiring several times viewed several you tube videos and everything appears to be correct. Does anyone know why the SmartThings hub hasn’t recognized the switch as a dimmer switch??

Does it not give you the option to dim? Does it dim with the switch?

No it doesn’t dim with the switch either. I installed the same dimmer switch in my bedroom and it didn’t dim via the switch but the controls through SmartThings I can dim with my phone. So I’m thinking it has something to do with the second switch since the lights are on a 3 way circuit

Is your second switch a GE add-on switch? Only the add-on switch can be used with GE switches in a 3-way setup.

Thanks for the feedback. Yes the secondary switch is a ge add on switch

If everything is wired properly, you hold the paddle to dim up or down and it doesn’t work manually, then as far as I can tell there are 4 possibilities.

  1. The switch is not actually a dimmer but just a switch.
  2. The bulbs being used are not dimmable.
  3. Your dimmer is actually a fan speed switch and you are using low voltage lights.
  4. You have a bad switch.
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This all seems a bit strange. Why would one have anything to do with the other? Are you saying you have 3 switches altogether? 2 main dimmers and 1 aux?

Have you changed the Device Handler? If so why? If not then does the switch show as a dimmer?

Are the bulbs the same in both fixtures? Are you sure they are dimmable?

Does the switch, the one on the 3 way, work as it should without the aux hooked up? Have you tried?

I can see one switch being bad but not 2 doing the same thing. Seems like user error.