Wiring Help

I have a situation; please see the picture. I am trying to install Leviton DW15S with a DD0SR-10, but I can’t seem to figure it out how am I going to make this work. Can you please help me with my situation?
Thank you

This may help

The key with 3/4/+ switches is the actual 3 way switch with 3 wires hooked up, this one pictured. There is a screw that is either bronze or black, different than the other 2. One of the 3 ways will have the line from breaker and the other switch will have load to fixture.

All this said, my quick guess on your setup based on the fact you have a 14-2 Romex coming into the box with white wire hooked up to the switch and the black wire connected to the white wire of the 14-3 Romex is that your power is going to the fixture first. In this situation your options are very limited. Verify by looking at the other switch to see if you have any additional wires. The FAQ that @prjct92eh2 posted is very helpful outlining the options you will have.

Thank you for the reply and for the help. My other switch has three wires as well ( black, White and Red ).
Thank you

Yeah you definitely have power coming to light fixture first. See the FAQ as your options are very limited without rewriting. You can use a relay.

Thank you and I will Lutron caseta.