Wiring Fibaro FGS213 with 4 wires

Can some help me with wiring my new Fibaro FGS213 please?
I have neutral in the back box.
The wiring is part of 3 switches that control the hallway lights.
The Grey and Black are used for switching the intermediary switches I assume.

The video I have found only shows a simple live and Switched Live wiring.

Can anyone help me?

Try the Vesternet Web site. They have diagrams on there for wiring and also parameter settings for dual switch setup.

Thanks bobbles.
This is the new Gen 5 single switch 2.
I forgot to mention there is also a pair of brown wires in the back box connected which are Switched Live.

Now its sorted :wink:
The pair of brown wires were the key. One was to lights and other was the switches status :wink: easy now

What device handler are you using? I just installed it and it’s fixed in the ON position in the ST app, but it works as it should physically…

EDIT: After some hours fighting against this device… I finally won… I used this handler, courtesy of @anon36505037 :


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