Wiring Aeotec Nano Switch to Existing 3-Way Switch

Hi, I am trying to wire the nano switch to an existing 3-way switch. I am not familiar with the electrical terms like live/load/hot wires and I am struggled to get it working. Here is my 3-way switch

It has 4 wires. From what I read online, I assume one is for the ground, one for the hot and 2 are travelers.

Here is a look at the gangbox.

There are lots of wires in there. Now I want to install my nano switch in between the gang box and the 3-way switch so I can control the on/off of this switch. How can I do that? What wires should go into which port of the nano switch?

Seriously, do yourself a favor and consider hiring an electrician to do it. Or start reading up on home electrical wiring, and how to use a multimeter; you have to know which wire is which, not assume. You can also check whether your local lowes or Home Depot hosts a class on the topic.

I’ve managed to educate myself how to re-wire some of the simpler circuits in my apartment with some smart switches and aeon’s older generation micro switches. I had some great help from people on this forum. But if you’re literally starting from square one then learn more about what you’re doing before actually messing around in your switch box. You could injure or kill yourself.

Thanks for the advice. Will hire an electrician for this.

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