Wireless plunger sensor

Does anyone know of a wireless plunger style sensor that can be made to work with smartthings?

I found this one on Amazon but it looks like it runs on a different protocol.

I don’t know specifically of a plunger style, but there are multiple recessed sensors that will work with SmartThings, as well as the very thin sensative strips (under 3 mm) which fit in the doorframe of most doors, and can also be painted, making them almost invisible.

So I don’t know if any of these would work for you, but here are a few examples.

Sensative strips. These are on the official “works with SmartThings” list.

Aeotec recessed sensor. This is also on the official list.

Vision recessed sensor. A budget brand option. Not on the official list, but some community members are using it:

Monoprice recessed sensor. Another budget option.


There are also some hinge pin sensors, but they’re pretty big.

Anyway, I don’t know if you specifically needed the plunger for some reason, but these are just a few other options. :sunglasses:


In addition to what @JDRoberts says, I would assume your existing plunger is part of an existing wired security system? If so there are many projects documented on this community where people have integrated those with SmartThings using various devices. Here is an example:
Connect wired alarm system sensors to SmartThings with a NodeMCU ESP8266 [deprecated]

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I’m working on trying to monitor a few dumb deadbolts that I don’t want to replace with smart locks

I have successfully used this wired plunger

connected to the Ecolink door sensor’s secondary contacts

I buried the plunger in the recessed deadbolt area and drilled a small whole in the wall for the wire to exit and have the ecolink sensor on the wall right by the door frame.

It works great but I would rather not have to have the ecolink sensor there. So just trying to find a plunger that will connect on it’s own.

I’m not thrilled about the look of the wire and sensor on the wall like that so I was hoping there would be a wireless option.’

or if anybody has any ideas on how to make it a little more attractive?

Hay @JDRoberts,

I just got this one in the mail. Does this one use standared z-wave DH in ST or do I need a custom code? Correction: ZD 2105US-5 model