Are there recessed, invisible or plunger style door/window sensors compatible with ST?

We are building a new house and I really dislike the bulky sit-on-top-of the door/window sensors that currently are compatible ST. Rather I am looking to find recessed/invisible/plunger style door/window sensors that compatible with smart things?

To illustrate what I mean, here is an example of those:

These work great with smartthings

If the house is new you can get them embedded security system style sensors and use ardunio or mimo boards to connect them to smart things. No batteries!

Thanks. do you have a link to these embedded sensors that can be hooked up to these? yea, I hate the idea of batteries too so if possible I want to avoid it given it is new construction and I can pull the wires after framing.

Also, by mimo you are referring to fortrez mimolite, yes?

Some searching around the topic of alarms will help. I found this straight away. I don’t have any alarm equipment so I just know a possible, now how to do it.

Wanted to resurrect this thread since now I’m in the same situation. It seems crazy to me that there isn’t some good, inexpensive solution for monitoring every door/window if you’re able to wire it up while all the walls are open. I mean the switches cost next to nothing but then you need to jump through the hoops of putting some hacked-together arduino system in place? Seems strange to me - does nobody do an out-of-the-box solution that can take this bundle of wires and make it live sensibly in a SmartThings or equivalent world?

At this point I’m looking at just using the (very slick!) new Sensative z-wave sensors ( but at $60 a pop that gets pretty expensive when you’ve got a couple dozen doors&windows you’d like to get coverage on.

Any thoughts appreciated! (Either for products to look into or even links to other pertinent blogs/discussions around this subject).