Wireless alarm systems that integrate with SmartThings?

Hey greetings to all, looking for wireless alarm system that can integrate with my smart home system. But the recommended wireless alarm system must have a good wireless coverage due to the inferstructure has plenty steel and concrete walls which can cause signal interference . Would like some advice on system that would be suitable for this application.

What system are you using for your smart home?


i’m using a Samsung V3 hub to integrate a combination of different smart devices to my system. Not sure if that answers your question.

Are you looking for a monitored system or self monitored?

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What country are you in? The device selection does vary.

That said, at the time of this posting there isn’t any security system that has an official integration with SmartThings. Most want more control over both the devices and the communication messages than ST can provide.

I can see that potentially changing eventually with matter, since that will at least provide local communications, but that kind of functionality is a long way off.

At the present time, there are a few community built integrations, but they’re pretty limited. You may be able to use IFTTT for some integration with some systems, but then you’re dependent on the IFTTT cloud and service, and to be honest, I’m not sure how long it’s going to be around.

You can get some reasonable integration by using Alexa routines as an intermediary in a few countries, primarily the US, and then the integration is pretty much limited to the ring security system. It has some useful functionality, but it’s not a full integration and again, it’s mostly cloud-based.

Noonlight is a paid third-party app service which some people layer into a mix of SmartThings and some other stuff. It’s probably most often used with Konnected, although that’s for wired alarms, not wireless. I’m not sure exactly what’s available with the current architecture. I know they have an IFTTT channel that some people use. But now you’re talking about multiple clouds and nothing that’s anywhere near a typical UL listed purpose built security system.

If it was me and I was just looking for a simple, basic, inexpensive DIY security system with a limited amount of SmartThings integration I would probably just go with Ring security and use Alexa routines as an intermediary. The security side of it is UL listed and has a lot of nice features at a reasonable price. The ST integration is limited, but good enough for some basic use cases. But there is an annual subscription fee and again, only limited integration with SmartThings. And it’s only available in a few countries.

At this point, I think most people in the community just have a separate security system. The cloud dependence of the SmartThings architecture just doesn’t really fit with most security use cases :man_shrugging:t2:


just pointing out one tiny issue with wifi security to factor in when building your security system:
Burglars using jammers to disable wireless smart home security

I’ve seen two reports in the past few days; one involved a group of men crossing the Mexican border and another was locally with similar groups involved.

let the discussion begin :slight_smile:


Yep, but as the news report notes:

police believe that the suspects aren’t choosing houses at random –they’re researching carefully prior to burglarizing them. The suspects are stealing jewelry, safes, and high-end merchandise.

These are typically highly targeted attacks. Not just your random neighborhood burglar.


yep, the two reports I mentioned… in both cases, they staked out the homes


I’m looking for self monitored system.

Hey Robert appreciate the feedback .Well i would have to to do a system that is independent to my smart home system. But do you have any suggestions when it comes to self monitoring wireless alarm systems that have a good wireless coverage that works well?.

Thanks for the information :+1:

I know you said you want self-monitored, but then I see you want an independent system. Here’s what I did. I previously had the Nest Secure system that was separate from my ST’s system. Google decided that it was too hard to leave a system in place that wasn’t making them any money and keep it functional. Anyway, I needed to replace that system and I had a year to do that. I ended up bringing my old V2 hub back online as a second hub in ST’s and using it in conjunction with ST’s Home Monitoring System (HMS) module and the Smart Lock Guest Access (SLGA) module (These are in the Life tag in the ST’s app). I bought a bunch of brand new Ring hardware off eBay (Keypads Gen 2, Motion sensors and contact/door sensors). I got some Aeotec Sirens and an Ecolink Firefighter Listener. I onboarded all of these devices to my V2 hub, this way it’s part of my ST’s system as a whole, but separate, it essentially has its own networks (ZWave and Zigbee). I replaced my Nest X Yale locks with Yale Assure 2 ZWave locks and then began putting it all together. I use RBoy’s edge drivers for my keypads and my locks, the ST’s HMS allows total customization of how I want the sensors to work for Home Stay and Home Away. I was even able to monitor my leak sensors in the HSM module along with all my other security sensors. I know my solution isn’t for everybody and it’s not UL rated, but I works for me. Honestly, it’s leaps and bounds better than what I had with My Nest Secure system. I now feel like I have total control of my security system and have it all in ST’s. It’s nice because I can use any of the devices on my V3 hub as notification devices. I can trigger lights and LED’s from the controls in the HSM. I thought I was going to have to create tons of routines to make all the hardware I bought work as a security system, but it’s all the the HSM. Control of the devices and how I want to me alerted to security breaches. This may or may not work for you, but I thought I’d throw it out there and let you know what I did.


Just for clarity, the usual abbreviation for the SmartThings Home Monitor feature is STHM. You’ll see that used throughout this forum and in some of the official Samsung documentation. They don’t call it a “system” because it’s considered just another feature of the SmartThings app.

Third party add-ons like ActionTiles, SharpTools, Konnected, and Arlo also all use the STHM abbreviation.

So knowing that might make researching a little easier. :thinking:

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Speaking just for myself, my number one concern with any security system, whether it’s self monitored or professionally monitored, is how will the notifications work If the Internet is out? (As I’ve mentioned before, we live in an area where Internet service is a little spotty.)

SmartThings itself is stil largely cloud-based. The app always requires a connection to the SmartThings cloud, even to just arm or disarm the security features in STHM.

And every notification coming from SmartThings requires active Internet. They didn’t have to design it that way, but they did.

In contrast, a UL listed security system has to have a backup battery good for 12 hours and its own cellular notification System so that notifications will get sent even if there is no active Internet connection and the power is out at the house.

For example, with ring security, if the Internet goes out at our house, we do lose a few of the app features, but security notifications for smoke or sensors still get sent via its own cellular system. Even if you are selfmonitoring.

That is also true of other highly rated DIY security systems like abode or simplisafe.

So different things will work for different people, but getting app notifications doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get those notifications if the Internet is out at your house. And for me, that’s a required feature for any security system. Choice is good.

The following site has good reviews and comparisons of multiple security systems, Both self monitored and professionally monitored. But at the time of this writing, the only ST integration will either be through Alexa routines or IFTTT, so obviously not ideal. :thinking:


In my case, my internet connection is already cell based. I have battery backups on both my internet gateway and my ST’s hubs. So, at least for me, the notifications should still work, even in a power outage. I also have a power outage module, to alert me when there is a power failure. I might not get 12 hours of backup out of my UPS, but I should get alerts for a majority of power outages. Like I stated, my solution isn’t for everyone and I understand its limitations. Just pointing out options that are built into the platform.


Hey thanks appreciate the feedback this method sounds great seeing how everything was still able to be accessible from the ST app.

So true Robert being notified during a power outage is very crucial. And this is something i would take into consideration when installing a security system . Thanks very much for the feedback appreciate it alot.

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Honeywell vista 20p with an Envisalink. There is a smartthings device handler for Envisalink too.
But yeah, hardwire as many sensors as possible, at least a few motions.

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You wouldn’t believe i was looking into this panel just a few weeks . I saw that it has z wave capabilities with it’s touch screen keypad which also works as a hub for the honeywell system .

I have geoarm for 10 bucks a month, they sell equipment as well. I use a dual path communicator and the envisalink runs piggy back on the Honeywell comunicator. Geoarm can remotely configure you system and save a backup. Just need to cut power to envisalink or it will interfere with the communication.