Wired water leak detector for SmartThings

Hello all. Just wondering if anyone knows of a wired water leak detector that would work with SmartThings. I have an “older” hub (STH-ETH-200) and my ADT battery powered sensor (F-ADT-WTR-1) doesn’t seem supported any more plus I’m tired of replacing batteries. TIA!

I don’t know of any available today, someone else may.

The Eve Water Guard is a plug-in leak sensor with a lot of nice features. Uses thread. It’s been announced that it will get a Matter upgrade in the future, and if that does happen, you should be able to bring it into smartthings that way, but it’s not here yet.

You could add a battery eliminator to a detector that uses AA or AAA batteries.

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There’s lots of battery powered leak sensors on the market today that work with Smartthings. The price range from around 20 to 200 dollars and most have an excellent battery life, up to 3 years.