Wired Video Surveillance System That Works With ST?

Looking for recommendations backed by experience and/or factual data on what the best, wired, video surveillance systems is that also works with SmartThings?

Ditto. I second that!

Define ‘works with smartthings’

Like full on integration in SHM?

I use a computer with Blue Iris installed… cameras can be wired or wireless, whatever. As far as integrations, I have various smartapps installed which give me enough integration for my taste.

Motion on cameras can trigger actions in ST.
Mode changes in ST can effect actions on my cameras.

SOme of the actual cameras are supported in SHM officially, some are not… I just kind of pieced them together. There are smartapps for some of my cameras … but I haven’t tinkered down that route yet to see what they would buy me.


OK, I will add a caveat to this. I would prefer Linux or Mac OS X based, we have no Windows in our house.

It still comes down to what exact functionality you are looking for, I would think.

Some cameras integrate natively with SHM. Some have custom device handlers on here that buy you some integration. Various software packages have various levels of integration.

LIke I said above, I use Blue Iris which I’m guessing is windows only? I’ve dabbled with other packages… I think a nice looking one was sighthound. I never went all in on that one since I already had BI working. BUt I remember sighthound running on mac, at least. At the time, they didn’t have ST integration, but I think it had the ability to run commands based on various inputs from cameras… and it definitely had IFTTT integration, so ST could be triggered in that way.

Just curious? What camera brands?

https://www.smartthings.com/works-with-smartthings/-/filter/categories/cameras is the list.

I have a couple of the HD Pros that I bought at first because I thought the full integration would be super useful. For my needs now that I have some experience… it really isn’t.

With no windows in the house, I can see where cameras would be a major priority.