Wired Smoke Detector with Z-wave or Zigbee

First let me apologize if this issue has already been covered. I have searched the threads as best as I could but haven’t seen anything recent on this. If there is something out there, please just point me in the right direction.

Here is my situation. I have 10 smoke detectors in my home with several being both smoke and CO detectors. They are all hardwired and connected so that when one of them goes off, they all sound an alarm. I replaced them all about 3 years ago, before I was into SmartThings, with Kidde detectors that are hard-wired; so I am NOT looking for a solution where I replace them all at once again. What I would like is a solution where I can replace just on detector with one that connects to SmartThings and use the existing connections to the other detectors to trigger SmartThings from the one that is replaced. I will gradually upgrade additional detectors, but this will likely happen over a number of years.

I read through the entire post on the Halo detector and that sounded like the perfect solution, up until the point where they went out of business. I have looked at the wired Nest solution, but it doesn’t appear that it will connect to the other detectors. I am not real fond of the idea of the “listening” devices that you put next to the existing detectors and I don’t want to have to do the solution with the relay and the connected switch as I would like to be able to use SHM and the last I saw, this was not possible.

I already have a Z-Wave + network in the house so this would be my preferred connectivity option, but I would also entertain Zigbee or WiFi, If I could get the other capabilities above.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the best solution?

To be honest, your best solution is likely to be the eco-link acoustic sensor. It is made for exactly this purpose and it has an official SmartThings integration. And it is Zwave plus. This type of sensor only responds to the sound pattern of a US approved smoke or CO2 detector, it should not get the kind of false alarms that other acoustic sensors might. I definitely think it’s worth trying in your situation. Since all your smoke detectors are linked, you’ll only need one of the ecolinks.

This is working great for me and many others. Integrating Kidde Smoke / CO Sensors into SmartThings Properly

Take a look and see if it can meet your needs. It’s a cheap and easy solution that works with z-wave.


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I have the Firefighter JDRoberts linked to. It paired easily and works great. You just mount it within 6 inches from any of your smoke detectors.


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