Home Depot Smart wireless Doorbell

Does anyone know if this will work with smartthings? It has an app apparently that will notify you when you are away from home. I really dont want a huge Sky or Ring doorbell on my front door and this would give me one for the back door as well.


Info doesn’t say if it’s ZigBee or Z-Wave capable. I would say probably not.

It has an app, so I am assuming it’s wifi based. I would go for this instead. it’s half the price and should work with ST and the same price if you buy 2 of them.

I saw those but have read they have some reliability issues. Any experience?

No, but I did this instead: Z-Wave Doorbell from a Wireless Doorbell + Door/Window Sensor

The one picture shows a MAC address on the back, looks like it is wifi…but not sure if compatible with smartthings

thanks guys. I was hoping maybe someone had integrated it like they did my garage door opener and other wifi things. I need to learn to code lol