Wired contact sensor?

So I have a lot of the SmartThigns Multipurse Contact Sensors have constant problems with them.
I have a sensor dying or disconnecting every other week.

Is there a wired contact sensor? Maybe a contact sensor with a tiny wire that I can plug into an outlet and acts a zigbee repeater so I don’t have to buy 10+ of them?

The battery life on these contact sensors are horrible.

I have success with iris contact sensors or you can buy the new z-wave plus sensor from this post. Seal battery but last 10 years.

As far as repeater. I don’t think there is a contact sensor out there that have repeater capability. To my knowledge anyway.

If you need a repeater, the Iris smartplug is awesome - it has a Zigbee AND Zwave repeater. In terms of wired contact sensors, I’m not aware of any but I’ll second Ray’s recommendation for the Iris contact sensors - they’re solid and also have temp sensors.