Siren Inconsistently Working

Hello folks. Been having some inconsistent behavior with my Konnected/ST system regarding the Siren triggering. Konnected support seems to indicate that it is a SHM issue. Siren is connected per Konnected instructions to the power block of the board. It sometimes goes off and sometimes it doesnt when an intrusion event occurs. Cant determine any variable that is causing this as it is completely random. I can however consistently turn the Siren on from the Things menu of the Classic App so I know the siren works.

Cant up load the live logs here as it only accepts JPG’s and not sure which section you may need. Based on what I see in the logs when it does NOT work, SHM seems to send a “Updating device DC4F225E9B9D pin 8 to 1” line but there is NO “Siren is on” line. I see this line when it actually does trigger the siren. Any ideas?

Try adding a repeater close to your siren, sometimes mesh’s do funny things and it’s a timing issue.

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Thanks for your reply. The Siren is hardwired to the Konnected board and the board wifi shows 76% wifi strength. My main router is just one room away with no concrete walls in between so didnt think that should be an an issue but maybe it is…

Im getting a wireless battery powered siren tomorrow so will test to see if its more consistent with that vs the wired siren. Will report back as soon as I can test.

You may want to check out this post, the general principles apply to all z-wave beaming devices.

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Appreciate the response but ZWave is not involved here as these are not ZWave sensors. All sensors are HARDWIRED to the Konnected board and the Siren is HARDWIRED to the power block of the Konnected board. Konnected talks to ST via wifi and wifi strength as reported by the Konnected board is 80%+. Am I misunderstanding something?

If it’s not Z-Wave then it doesn’t apply but since it’s WiFi the same principles may apply. It’s possible the command doesn’t reach connected. If you have access to the logs you can check what commands are being sent to Konnected.