Wink, Viable SmartThings Competition?

(Jesse Andrew) #1

Noticed that Wink expanded its app and now integrates with other non-Quirky products like Dropcam, Philips Hue, et al. The Wink hub also now supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave and ZigBee.

I do have to give a nod to Wink for their UX and UI. I love just having a list of devices, then being able to create shortcuts for a device, or “robots” to automate tasks. Much more straight forward and easier to use than SmartThings. I think there’s a lot SmartThings can learn from this intuitive interface. But there’s also a lot Wink could learn from SmartThings.

If I could get all my ST sensors onto the Wink Hub, and maybe some more integrations, like with Sonos, I hate to say it, but I think I’d switch to using Wink just for the sake of the UX. They also just released a wicked cool controller, that makes me want to switch even more.

That being said, I don’t think Wink is a worthy competitor YET, but them making this move to open up the platform, is pushing it in that direction. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds and if Wink will be as open and robust as SmartThings is today.

Anyone else use Wink? What do you think?

(Beckwith) #2

Competition is good.

(Jesse Andrew) #3

Agreed! Competition is great.

(Edward Pope) #4

Good luck, hope it works well for you. I am two friends covered from Wink to ST, and never looked back

(Chrisb) #5

How robust is the development environment with Wink? I gotta say that I LOVE being able to create my own SmartApps in ST as well as “borrow” others apps as well. I’m by no means an expert coder, but I’ve been able to do a lot of fun stuff that’s particular to my needs.

Does Wink has a SmartApp equivalent?

(Geko) #6

Wink is definitely not in the same league as SmartThings with regards to apps. Their hub is more powerful that ST’s and has more radios (most importantly - BLE), but as far as openness of the platform to the third party developers, ST has no rivals today.

(Jesse Andrew) #7

I’'m not saying I’m switching, I’m just saying they’re headed in the direction that SmartThings currently lies, which like @beckwith said, is good for the competition aspect alone. I’m just eager to see if it will be as robust as SmartThings currently is.

(Ben Edwards) #8

Awe, we appreciate it, @geko. On a serious note, we think of Wink and Nest (plus Google and Dropcam) as our primary competitors. There are the cable companies, security companies, and a few others out there like Vera, etc but Wink and Nest have the money and good marketing. From what I have seen of the Wink hub thus far, I am not as concerned, but I have no doubt they will improve it. Sort of a mantra of sorts for me these days Bluetooth is coming to SmartThings Hub V2 (not a well kept secret)

(Jesse Andrew) #9

Not sure, they’re definitely not at the level of SmartThings yet. I don’t think they’ll ever get to that level of robustness when it comes to the developer environment, it seems like it’s catered more towards the standard user. They don’t have SmartApps, but they do have “Robots” which accomplish the same type of thing. It’ll be interesting to see how far they go with the Wink platform and if it will rival SmartThings.

(Jesse Andrew) #10

Good to hear Ben! I’m really curious to see how Google will treat its Nest and Dropcam acquisition as an IoT platform. Honestly though, I see them being a much more closed environment than that of SmartThings. Although I thought the same for Wink, until I noticed that the new app supported other devices and integrations, hence why I posted this. Regardless, SmartThings is certainly the most robust and open so far.

(Beckwith) #11


Unlike others, I’m not that concerned with bluetooth. Today, there is just a handful of BT devices and I’m not sure how robust those are yet. What has it brought Wink?

So you can work on connecting solutions now or burn up development on tomorrow’s technology. There is a fine balance between being too far in front of or too far behind the technology curve. I think SmartThings has found the right balance.

(Jody) #12

Wink does have a pretty app going for it, but that’s about it right now. Despite the fact that home depot was giving hubs away I could not find a forum of wink users other than a few posts on the quirky forum. I set my girlfriend up with a wink hub after purchasing some some ge light bulbs, and she has only ever complained about it. Her ST kit is on route from amazon as we speak. Even the supposedly wink certified products they sell right there in the kiosk don’t work as intended.

(Elliot Justin) #13

I bought a quirky refuel and am bummed that HD stopped selling it cause I was going to get one for my dad. I keep reading that the Spotter is a hot mess. So the track record for Wink is pretty poor at this point.