Smartthings vs Wink (2019)

as says on tine, I am thinking about getting smartthings or Wink and have read many articles on the matter (eg Wink vs Smartthings), so I thought I would ask the communities of each. Smartthings much better? Why?

At this point, you may want to focus on the viability of Wink and whether it will be around much longer.



Also, take a look at - this will let you know how it’s going for those shifting from Wink to Hubitat, SmartThings, HomeAssistant and OpenHab. All options. To be honest, I don’t think you should even consider going to Wink, given that it’s likely not to be around for that long.

I left Wink years ago for SmartThings (mostly because there was so little I could integrate with it back then - and it was slow as molasses) - but I’m still kinda fond of the platform. Really sorry it’s been driven into the ground.