Wink to ST V2 Migration

When I paired mine, i saw it in the Activity Feed in the mobile app. Try unplugging and plugging the charger, do you see any difference?

I was actually going to do the exact same thing. My thought was that I would use the best features of both hubs for a more diverse system.

But within hours it was very clear that the wink hub no longer had anything to offer my system. I could find no redeeming features that were why of my time.

Now instead of trying to figure out why it’s not working, I spend my time coming up with new projects!

I’m working on an ir beam interruption device for my stairs. I want something that will be very fast at turning on the lights and will integrate right into ST.

I’m just resourcing the parts and then I’m going to build it.

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EXACTLY!!! This this this! I’m already scheming new things! I really hope they can integrate 2013 Samsung SmartTV’s!

Nothing in the activity feed :frowning:

No change when plugging/unplugging it…

Weird. What happens if you take off the battery completely and just plug it to the charger. Does it register motions?

Oh and I forgot, I have ONE last bug, now finally having control over extra functions I didn’t before with Wink, one of the first things I did with the GE 12722/30 is change the ‘Indicator Light’ setting to ‘never lit’ because they are stupidly bright.

This worked on the GE12722 (on/off switch) but NOT the 12730 fan speed controller. The 22 behaves exactly as it should but the 30 doesn’t, here’s what I see -

‘Lit when off’ = Switch off - light on, switch on - light off
’Lit when on’ = Switch off - light off, switch on - light on
’Never lit’ = Switch off - light off, switch on - light on

So it seems ‘never lit’ is behaving the same way as ‘lit when on’ for the 30, is there a way to diagnose this? Perhaps it’s an issue with the device type?

Im a Wink to ST convert too. For months on the Wink forums, I was advised that my problematic GE Link bulb issues were because of GE and no fault of Winks (random on/offs, random unpairings etc). I eventually had 8 of my 9 bulbs go completely unresponsive under Wink. The 9th would turn on randomly during the day/night. I took delivery of a STv2 last Thursday. Immediately all my 9 GE’s were available and came back to life, and have now worked flawlessly for 5 days on Sunset / Sunrise schedules etc.

Also, the On/Off command is instant. With Wink I would issue a command and it sometimes would take 15 seconds to execute - or not at all.

So far, Im very impressed with STv2.

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This you can do without needing an app. Just three fast clicks of the top button followed by a click of the bottom button and the light is no longer.

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To be honest, it is a problem with the bulb, they drop out on ST or when connected to the Hue Bridge as well, according to the ST guys though, someone has been in contact with GE and they are aware of the issue, supposedly they are working on a fix.

Like you said though, they react so quickly and so far for me, consistently, Wink could be a bit hit and miss.

That manually sets it to ‘never lit’?

It may be that your Links will never give you a problem with ST, but that in and of itself does not mean the Wink forum gave bad information. Have a search within this forum, and you will find the GE’s fail here too.

When I used them with ST they would lose connection periodically. Not often, but it did happen. I eventually moved them to a Hue hub and never had a problem again. I think it is more a communication issue with Links than any hub performing better than another.

Well I spent HOURS with Wink attempting to re-pair and re-add the bulbs (two weekends). I finally gave up and in desperation bought he STv2. Immediately it found the bulbs.

I can live with occasional bulb issues but with my Wink, there was 100% failure to communicate with bulbs that had worked fine for months. Wink performed a hub update and hosed my bulbs. ST brought them back :smile:

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Yep, just don’t want you to be disappointed if it happens with ST. Mine are working for now but I fully expect them to drop out at some point.

There’s a technique for getting them back which seems to work for both hubs in that you don’t delete or reset the bulb, you just get the hub to ‘add a new device’ and then you turn on the bulb and it sees to ‘wake’ it up again.

Funnily enough when switching to the ST hub it’s in my home office which is much further away from where the Wink hub was and probably 20-30ft from the nearest powered Z-Wave device and yet they all paired perfectly without having to move the hub closer.

Yep. Worked for me and it stopped that really annoying bright LED to come on in the bedroom.

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That’s awesome! Where on earth did you find that document!

I need the wink for my Caseta lighting only.

Someone posted about it on the Wink workshop forum. Apparently it comes in the GE Zigbee switch instructions, but not with the Z-wave.

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I just moved over to ST V2 , from wink. Wow what a difference for connectivity and speed. I really appreciate the community and all the information available. Just have to get use to the different terms, The only thing I miss is the group trigger. I had a routine that when I turned on my back yard flood light to take the dog out. The deck lights turned on also. If I turned the flood light off, the deck lights turned of as well. If you could point me in the right direction, I would be most appreciative.

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I am a newbie too but trying my best to contribute, so feel free to improvise as you see fit.

I believe there are 3 ways to do that. If my post is overwhelming, just go with method 1.

Method 1: SmartApps - SmartApps is how most of the automation is done. In Wink language, Robots (+ Complete Customization) = SmartApps.
Go to Automation Tab - >SmartApps-> Smart Lighting (If you do not yet have this in the list, check in Add a SmartApp at the bottom - >New Lighting Automation - > Select Deck Lights - > In Select Trigger Choose SWITCH -> In Which Switch Choose Flood Light - > Done

Method 2: Routines - Create one routine for on and another for off.
Routine 1: Dog Out
Go to Automation Tab - > Routines - > Add a Routine - > Give a name (say Dog out) -> Select lights to group for turning on (here deck and flood lights) - > Done
Routine 2: Dog in
Go to Automation Tab - > Routines - > Add a Routine - > Give a name (say Dog in) -> Select lights to group for turning off(here deck and flood lights) - > Done

Method 3: Virtual Switch - This is similar to grouping from my experience but I would not look at this method until you are familiar with SmartThings platform.
See the second post here for more information - > FAQ: Creating a virtual Device

How I know the above? - Because I moved from Wink to SmartThings about 6 months back.

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Thank You , for such a quick response The smart App, was the way to go.