Wink Converts; can automations be turned off with automations?

Hi guys,

New thread here for some of you Winks converts out there. Wink automations are called Rules. One of the cool features of Wink is that one can use Rules to activate/deactivate rules.

For instance, I had several rules to coordinate lights treatment with Motion sensors based on time of day. However, when I had folks over I had a rule which will disable the automations (light treatments rules).

Now that I moved over to ST, I created similar rules with SmartLighting’s; used this as it was quicker to mimic what I had in Wink. However, now I’m hopeful I can use something like a ST button to deactivate those ‘rules’. Is this even possible (without having to use webCoRe?)

Setup a mode called Pause, then you can setup your automations to run in all modes except the new one you created called Pause.

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Another option is a Virtual Switch.
Set a condition that your rules only run when that Virtual Switch is off.

I use this method. I have a switch called Guest Switch. I let SOME automations run (basic ones that turn on lights when motion is detected, for example), but disable the advanced ones (essentially things that look at occupancy or turn off lights).


I actually setup the automations using the Modern ST Apps since these do have a toggle to enable or disable the automations. That’s what I was hoping could be automated.

I considered @nathancu solution but couldn’t find a way in ST to tell the automation to only run if location is NOT set to Pause.

Now the Virtual Switch idea on the other hand could be a good alternative for me.

Create a Virtual called RuleDisabled than add the condition If RuleDisabled is Off then execute based on the remaining if conditions. I think this will work. The other cool thing with the Virtual is that I can use echo to enable or disable the Virtual!

I’m enjoying being able to bounce these ideas with the community. Thanks to all! Great ideas.

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I don’t think there is a way to automate enabling and disabling the actual automations themselves.
To do it with a mode, you’d set it to run if the mode is Home, Away, Night (and/or whatever modes you have). You’d just leave the Pause mode off the list. The app should let you select multiple modes.

The way you described is exactly how I use mine. It gets enabled via voice when I have someone over.

I do also have the Guest Switch on my ActionTiles dashboard so I can visually see if I have it on and also have it on my phone with a SharpTools button. If someone else comes over while I’m away, it automatically gets enabled with their keycode on my lock, too.

I’m using webcore instead of the built in apps, so I just have each rule configured to run how I want depending on the status of my Guest Switch.


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