Advanced Automations without building pistons (updated?)

I switched from Wink a year ago, but I seriously miss the one feature that seems to be missing from ST. I was able to create complex rules using their UI with the ability to enable and disable rules/automations from other rules. So for example I could enable the holiday lights schedule on a date and disable it on another date. Or when I manually turn a light on it disables the auto on/off by motion until the light turns off or until 11pm. All of this could be done using their UI. I already use my home/away for security stuff. So is there a way to do this yet? If not, why not? Seems such a simple but powerful concept.
Thanks for your help!


I totally agree about scheduling Automations on a date. I was hoping the Calendar feature of the recently added Companion Apps integration would expose Calendar scheduling to SmartThings, but it doesn’t.

As for disabling motion, you could try adding If this Light is Off and there is Motion, then turn this Light On for X time. Alternatively, for Smart Lighting, setting the additional setting for only when Switch is Off and select the same Light. Effectively, Motion can’t trigger anything if the Light is On.

You can now automate Advanced Automations even further with placeholders.
Advanced Automations has a special set of placeholders that you can use with it.