What to do for vacation?

Most of my lights are turned on in Smart Lighting. However I see no way to disable the rules like for when I’m on vacation, were on WebCoRE you can easily pause the rules. I guess you could just disconnect the hub but I would think there would be an easier way.


I created a mode called “Vacation” and restricted certain actions not to run when the home is in that mode. This is different from my “Away” mode.

Also, there is is pretty cool app in Marketplace called “Vacation Lighting Director” that randomly turns on lights while you are on vacation.


Each of my rooms have an Automation Virtual Switch such as Den Automation.

In the webCoRE master restriction section for a many of my Pistons I have for example:

If “Den Automation” Switch is On

This way, if I turn off the Den Automation Switch then the rule does not run. Real cool when you want to quickly disable the automation in room. Just say, “Alexa, Turn Off Kitchen Automation”

I started off using these types of Virtual Switches to just disable or enable certain pistons but I have found this method to work much better. I also have a rule that only allow these to stay off for a maximum amount of hours and then turns them back on with Notifications of when they turn on/off.

If Outside Automation Switch Changes to Off
Then Using Outside Automation Switch
Send Notification "Outside Automation is Off for 2 Hours"
Wait 2 Hours
Turn On
Send Notification, “Outside Automation is now On”

And finally, of course I have a Master Automation Switch that controls all of the Room Automation Switches! :rofl:

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Stupid question, but where do you go to create a new mode. Kind of a newbie and I don’t currently use modes, but from online it appears the procedure keeps changing.

I am kind of a newbie to WebCoRE. I am unfamiliar with master restriction section. Could you post an example. And will this work even if my rules are not created in WebCoRE? Right now the only rules I have in WebCoRE are motion sensor rules.

Thanks both of you,

In the ST IDE go to My Locations and then Home (or whatever you have named your location) and then you’ll see all of your modes and a create new mode link.

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Found that finally Thanks, so now you just tie that mode to the rules or routines you want to run during that mode, correct? How do you restrict actions?

In the Smart Lighting app, scroll to the bottom of the automation rule. There is a little circle with a “+” and a More Options label and you can enter “only when mode is”.

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Got it.


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You should read up on mode a little. It’s very useful for automation. It’s not the same as routine and it’s one of those thing they don’t tell you much for new user.
Routine = trigger
Mode = condition

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