Wink and Smartthings Z-Wave Network Rediscovery Issue

Are there any known issues with running SmartThings and Wink at the same time? Will the different z-wave networks make a network rediscovery work improperly? I have had my Wink for about 3 years, and beyond the occasional delay in turning on a switch, it has worked really well. I recently went to add a sensor that was out of range and decided to run a network rediscovery for the first time. After I ran this, lights and sensors continue to go offline and running a rediscovery again results in the same thing. If I unplug the Wink, everything works flawlessly for about 10 minutes and then it goes back to dropping lights and not giving me sensor notices.

Any advice?

I have the WInk 2 hub and have no problems.

What is the distance between your ST and Wink hubs and possibly WIFI router?

I have a wink 2 10 feet away from my ST hub v2 and wink2 3 feet away from hub V1 without any issue. maybe you don’t have enough repeaters for ST? Turn off device health in the ST app as well.

My Wink 2 Hub is located on the opposite side of the house from my Smartthings hub. It is also on a different floor. I’d say 20-30 feet.

The problems with my Wink only began after running network rediscovery for the first time since I have owned it.

If you powered off the wink and still have issue then it’s not wink causing problem.

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I ran network rediscovery on the Wink itself. I have even tried unplugging Smartthings and doing a rediscovery, but the issue has persisted.

Are you having issue with offline on wink or smartthings devices?

Wink, but the Smartthings was hooked up around the same time. Considering network rediscoveries are suggested when you add new products, I was surprised no one else seems to have had this issue with Wink. It made me wonder if the two seperate hubs might conflict with each other. I’d hate to have to readd the 30+ devices and many robots.

Why don’t you power off the ST hub with batteries remove and try discovery with wink? It’s one way to take that possibility of conflict out of the equation. Wink updated the firmware recently as well so that’s another possibility.
Maybe wifi is also causing problem if you are trying to add Zigbee devices.

Many of us, including me, have both a Wink-based network and a SmartThings based network running in the same home without any trouble.

Assuming you are running them as fully separate networks and not trying to add one as a secondary controller to the other, you shouldn’t run into interference unless they are literally right next to each other. There are entire apartment buildings where everybody has a zwave hub, and there are no interference issues between neighbors.

Zwave is intended for tiny messages sent infrequently, so there aren’t usually traffic problems unless you were doing excessive polling or using multiple realtime energy reporting devices. So I doubt if the problem is just because you have two different zwave networks operating.

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That is my fear. I basically had rare lag issues before this network rediscovery. Running it has apparently screwed up everything.

Have you contacted Wink Support?

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I’ll be able to contact them tomorrow. I was just curious if someone else ever experienced this and got it resolved. I’m also curious why others have decided to use both hubs instead of switching to Smartthings. I simply loathe the thought of having to move all the devices.

In our case, we had SmartThings, it had proven too unreliable for some basic stuff like lights coming on at sunset, so one of my housemates bought the Wink. We also ended up using Wink as a controller for some switchmate switches, although switchmate has since changed their firmware and are no longer compatible. Ours still work because we didn’t update the Switchmate firmware on the switches we already owned.

Smartthings supports much more complex rules, like a reminder that the guestroom window has been left open when the guest has left the house and rain is expected. There’s just no way to do that with Wink. But wink has continued to be more reliable and to require less maintenance.

Can you tell me what firmware version you have on the Wink?

It says it’s up to date:

Hmm…my software version says 4.0.26-0 as opposed to 3.9.4-0.

Mine is 4.0.26 as well

Same here. 4.0.26 without issue. Wink does have quite a bit of offline issue lately. They don’t have a forum like ST but they do have Facebook group.

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