Wink (connect)

First i have to say that this smart things is a mess. I have never ever bought anything that that is so unreliable, confusing and unintuitive. I have this and a wink and came across the wink(connect) app. I finally got it installed but it won’t open. In fact is shows up as installed twice. If i try to open it, the wheel spins for a second or so and then that is all. I can’t delete it because i can’t open it. I can’t delete it in the web app because it says it can’t be installed because it is installed by one or more users.
Any ideas?

You need to request an api key from I’m still trying to get the wink connect to work myself. How is ST unreliable to you? I personally came over from wink due to the lack of support for devices. For a product advertising that its both zwave and zigbee compatible it is anything but that. Sure it might work with both protocols but only with devices that they support which is the nice thing about ST because of the awesome community support with users writing the code to make a device work. I’ve added more devices to my ST hub (including all of my previous wink devices). The final straw with wink for me was when they canceled their plans to go live with their garage door opener device because well I wanted the ability to open my garage door without having to invest a lot of money into my garage door opener. Let us know how we can help you with your ST hub to get it working the way that you expect it to. As far as the ability to remove the smart app for wink connect I’d suggest sending an email ( or chatting with smartthings support. I hope that we can help you resolve all of your issues with ST.

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I find that the only thing worse that something that never works, is something that works sometimes. My smart things hub is set to turn my front lights on every day at 7pm and off at 4am. It almost always does. Thats fine for something that controls a light but it can’t be trusted with something that controls anything like heat.
I had issues in the past with my front door lock and the online chat with tech support was a joke. I even spoke to a few people by email and they never got back to me with anything and never ever followed through.
I also like the fact that smart things can be customized but everything i encounter falls short of the mark.
I appreciate the input. I did manage to delete the smart apps by copying the code of an app that works and pasting into (overwriting) the wink connect app, i could then open the app and delete it.

Regarding the API from wink, I don’t know what that means. Is this something that has to be added to the code before publishing it? If it is information that is entered after the app is opened, that doesn’t help because i can’t even open the app.

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You’re coming from Wink and you think ST is a mess? Do tell :smile:


I’m curious as well.

The api does go in the code if I remember right. However I myself have not been able to get it to connect properly. Let us know though what else we can do to help improve your experience with ST

Haha I couldnt believe how bad Wink was when I tried it, the hub was only $50 so I figured why not. Worst $50 I have ever spent!!!

For starters, i never said wink is better that ST. I have had ST for a year and just bought the wink to give it a try. What i am saying is that my experience with ST is that it doesn’t always work. As far as I’m concerned, never works is better than sometimes works.,

Hell I got the Wink hub for free and I still feel like I was ripped off!

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I think a lot of times what works vs does not work can be due to how you installed things. If there is significant path loss between your Hub and switch, then the commuication becomes un-reliable. if you place your hub right next to your WiFi router, then chances of interference are high. Where are your battery operated devices placed with respect to the closest repeater. Did you run a Z-Wave repair? Whats the normal distance between all the repeaters? How far is the closest repeater to the hub? Where are your z-wave devices vs zigbee devices?Do you have a Zigbee Repeater for battery operated Zigbee device? There a a lot of things that need consideration to ensure that your smart home works reliably. The devices are working off Z-Wave or Zigbee which have their own limitations in terms of range and reliable operation etc.

I am not saying that’s the case all the time. ST has its flaws and they are constantly improving. I have over 70 connected devices in my house and I have no complains. I usually only see issues when there is a platform level issue (Like the scheduler issues we had few days back). But other than that, each and every device in my house works as expected.

Hi everyone! Does anyone know if this smartapp is still available? And if so, where can I download it? All of my smart home devices are split between Wink and SmartThings, so the ability to control Wink products from SmartThings (which I prefer) is really appealing. Thanks!

Does this smarttapp still exist? If not is there a way I can get it’s code?

Um I got mine out of the SmartThings Public GIT Repo I think.

I can’t see it there