Moving from Wink?

How well would I be able to switch over to smarthings from wink would all my products be able to work with smart things?

Dropcam Pro x 2
Nest Protect Wired 120v x 1
Schlage Motorized Deadbolt x 1
Sonos Playbar x 1
Sonos Sub x 1
Sonos Play:5 x 1
Sonos Play:3 x 2
Sonos Play:1 x 1
Sonos Bridge x 1
Sonos Play:3 Floor Stands x 2
Harmony Hub + Remote x 1
Netatmo Weather System x 1
Wink Relay x 2
Wink Hub x 2
GE Link A19 Bulb x 12
GE Link BR30 x 3
GE Link PAR38 x 1
Tapt Switch x 3
Outlink x 1
Pivot Power Genius x 1
Tripper x 4
Nimbus x 1
Eggminder x 1

As you are coming over with very few zwave/zigbee devices you will have mixed results. I would recommend searching the forum for each device to see how well each of them will play with smartthings as some will need custom community written device types to work, others have beta support and I’m fairly certain there is no support for the wink hub and relay, but if your up to it you should be able to write your own device type for the relay. Plus you will have the pain of unassociating your devices from wink before you can pair them to ST. You have a lot of homework to to.

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The Wink Relay isn’t an electrical relay–it’s an alternative hub. It won’t work with SmartThings.

The GE lights should work with SmartThings.

The Harmony integration is in Beta, and by all accounts works pretty well. No timeline for full release yet, though.

Netatmo was working, but the integration broke about a month ago. See the forums for discussion.

The cameras have some still picture integration, but the Wink integration is stronger. See:

The Schlage zwave model (I’m assuming that’s the one you have) has basic integration, but not all features.

There is some Sonos integration still in Beta, see the forums for discussion.

The Quirky devices do not work directly at the present time, but you can get some integration through IFTTT.

When you check the official “works with SmartThings” list, make sure you check the tiny “I” on the far right. If it says “SmartThings Labs” that means it’s still in beta.

I don’t think the Nest Protect Wireds work, but check the forums, I might be wrong on that one.

What works best with SmartThings is zwave devices that don’t use scene management and zigbee devices that use the Home Automation profile (that’s what the GE bulbs use).

In addition to zwave and zigbee antennas, Wink has bluetooth and Lutron Clear Connect. SmartThings v1 hub has only zwave and zigbee. Bluetooth has been announced for the v2 hub, which is in internal beta but no specific release date yet.

But search the forums for more on any specific device.

Also, since you already have that much invested in Wink, can I ask why you’re thinking of leaving it? What specifically were you hoping to see improve if you changed to a different controller?

Currently since Sonos and harmony have deals with ST, Wink cannot integrate for at least a year and that’s a maybe depending on how the contracts work out. Currently since I have a lot invested in these two companies that are not supported by wink I wanted to see my options. Does Amazon echo work with smart things?

No official SmartThings/Echo integration yet, although we’re told they’re working on it.

Right now there are two “man in the middle” workarounds (one using IFTTT and one using the Hue Bridge), a hack, and some people have Amazon Developer status and are working on skills but that last group isn’t released yet.

Details on all Echo integrations here:

Echo integrates with ST/Hue, I turn my lights on and off all the time using my Echo … ?! and not using IFTTT, built into Echo

Yeah, that works really well, many community members, including me, use the direct Echo/Hue integration. :sunglasses:

However, the OP was asking about SmartThings/Echo integration. If you read the FAQ linked to above you’ll see that one of the man in the middle protocols is taking advantage of the Echo/Hue integration to use the Hue bridge as a man in the middle to extend Echo Control to other SmartThings-controlled devices.

ahhhhh ok, this has been confusing me for awhile, thought I might have a different Echo than everyone else, lol … Alexa!

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Sorry for bumping this older thread, but I haven’t found any mention of whether or not the Outlink outlet with work with SmartThings. Meijer is clearing them out at a pretty hefty discount so I’d like to pick a few up, but I don’t want them necessarily tied to my Wink hub. Any thoughts?

It is a zigbee device, so it should at least pair. If you are comfortable with the ide and swapping out devicetypes on devices or tweaking a devicetype then it may be worth a shot, if not I’d recommend sticking to devices on this list.

Yeah, I think I’ll just buy one to start (assuming the local Meijer has marked them down as the others have) and see what I can do with it prior to buying more. I just don’t want to be locked into my Wink hub if I can avoid it.

Quirky’s ZigBee is…quirky. Many expert ZigBee coders in the community have had difficulty getting their devices to pair. I don’t know if anyone’s ever gotten the Outlink to work.

@JohnR or @mattjfrank might know.

I was able to get the Quirky TAPT to work, although my device type is not perfect it does turn it’s connected device on and off. There are other similar devices to the Outlink that work with SmartThings so there is a good chance telling ST this is one of those devices will make it work. It may require some fiddling with the code though.

I see no reason why this device can’t at the least be made to work. Keep in mind that is only a guess based on what I know about other zigbee devices from WInk/Quirky released late last year.

On a side note, it would be VERY beneficial to SmartThings to get devices from other similar services, especially those that are out of business or appear to be heading that way to be on the officially supported list.

What better way to gain new customers then saying hey, your Wink device works with ST come on over.


Kudos on the Tapt switch. It made my ST transition way easier, not to mention cheaper.

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With the recent issues with SmartThings V2 Hub, I’m considering going back to Wink, specifically since Wink continues to announce new partnerships with apps and products I already have, Rachio, Nest, Honeywell WIFI T-Stats, Canary and Ring Doorbell, as well as Amazon Echo now having diming available on Wink. My issue is that I have Smartthing Door sensors, Motion Sensors, Presence Senors, Leak Sensors and Temp/Humidity Sensors, and I like the D-Link Integration with the security. If I go back to Wink while I wait for Smartthings to figure out their system, will the Smartthings sensors work with Wink? Most, if not all of my Smart App settings no longer work, and it’s gotten quite annoying, mean while the items on Wink have worked with out interruption.

SmartThings hardware is not locked to SmartThings, but if they work with Wink would require wink supporting them so that would be a question for them.

Here is your answer as I have dust off my hub in the light of the recent ST events:

Chat with Wink support:

Bobby D
Can SmartThings zigbee sensors work with Wink?

Hi Bobby, give me one moment and I can check that for you

Bobby D
ok, thank you

So you can try to add it in the application using another Zigbee sensor that we directly support
But because it would be considered a generic sensor, we can’t guarantee that it will successfully add and be fully functional

Bobby D
ok, thank you