[WINDOWS TUTORIAL] PC On/Off (No Hardware Required)

Ok, so it looks like WebCoRE is doing the wake up https://prnt.sc/qpb94l
I would look in that section and make sure MAC address is correct.
Also, make sure SmartThings is on the same network as your PC that you’re trying to wake.
You can also test it by downloading app on your phone putting in MAC address of the PC and waking it up. If that works then SmartThings should be able to do the same.

It’s got to be an issue on Windows end for sure. I downloaded an app to my iPhone called “Wake Me Up”. I put in the MAC, and IP and it defaults to port 9. When I hit the wake up button the app says “Success”, however the PC did not wake up. I then changed the port to 7 as recomended by the app. I had the same result. The last port it recomended was “0” so I tried that and this time instead of success I got “Error Occurred - Unable to send the request. Please make sure you are connected to the network and the IP address is correct”.

So to me the app is seeing the connection properly on the 2 ports but the PC is not responding. I have no idea which settings to look in to further to fix this though. I am stumped but really hope to find the fix.

Well I have no answer as to how I fixed it but I did. I followed MANY different Windows 10 WOL related guides, changed a ton of settings in the registry, windows, devices, BIOS, etc and finally she works again. I don’t know what the fix was but I am relieved the last 2 hours of my Friday night weren’t a complete waste of time!

I’m glad you were able to get to work. For me in the past both devices had to be on the same network and of course WOL on the network card had to be enabled.

I set the webcore, ST virtual button and Eventghost.
When I push the virtual button, any log is recorded on Eventghost.
What did I screw up?TT
the iptime AP can cause trouble?
I can use WOL function with iptime APPS.

Hi all, I assume I won’t get any help since no one has been on this thread in a year… but I’ll throw it out there: I have no idea what to do in EventGhost when you mention “move the tree”. If you’re referring to the file in the post, I don’t have access to it. In fact, I don’t think any of the original links work anymore.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

The Event Ghost Smart app is a groove app. Groove is be phased and will probably stop working in the not to distant future.

You could probably do something similar to this with a smart plug and the new Edge Driver Web Requestor, interacting with EventGhost locally with Get Requests, someone clever will hopefully write a tutorial one day.