Is there a way to switch PC ON Wake On LAN using Smarthub?

Hi all
Early days of looking at the Smartthings apps & hardware.
I wondered if there was a way I could use the SmartThings app to be able to switch on a PC that is connected to the same network as the Samsung Smart Hub by sending a Wake on LAN command?

Does this exist currently?

Thank you for responses in advance.

We get basically ZERO low-level control over the networking facilities of the Hub (even Hub V2). Eventually this may improve somewhat, but I doubt it will be as open as say, a DD-WRT Router.

Wake-On-Lan packets require, ummm, UDP, or even lower level protocols.

The easiest way to implement, likely, is to use a DD-WRT compatible Router…

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+1 DD-WRT for WOL, or phone apps, but both are manual methods.

The easiest way I have to wake a PC automatically is an Aeon plug-in smart switch, with PC BIOS set to boot on power-restored. This is easy to include in ST routines, Alexa can use it too.

Haven’t found a way to start most laptops other than a mechanical button press.

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This guy manages to get a desktop PC to WoL

Uses a few other technologies but the basis for it is there

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What a pity, but yes I understand what you are saying. Given SmartThings is all about controlling your home remotely, Im surprised that ability to send a magic packet isn’t already a feature - I think all network cards these days have WOL capability & it would remove the need to have to purchase a separate switch or socket! I think every owner of a Smart Things hub could benefit from this capability.

I do have a router which supports WOL & sending a magic packet, but given the Smart Things hub v2 is sat on my network & I already have the ability to communicate with it securely from the Internet, I would prefer to do it using that than opening up my router to the internet.

I spent a little more time researching this this morning & found this specific question comes up a lot on this forum & for similar devices.

But thank you for your responses. What a great community. :smiley:

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Most of the solutions I’ve seen use another device to proxy the WoL command. Eg. The SmartThings hub talks to a router, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or Android device to trigger the event.

If you have a dedicated Android device in your home, you could use SharpTools + Tasker to accomplish this. SharpTools can react to events pushed from SmartThings and then Tasker could trigger the WoL event. I’ve played with this concept before in my house, so let me know if you’d like additional details. (And I’m the developer of SharpTools)


This is a feature I’ve been fighting for! It looks like the firmware work is done, though there’s still some remaining platform work. I’ll keep the pressure on it.


Excellent! Will add significant value!!! Thank for your response Tyler! If you need a beta tester, feel free to add me!

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I am definitely looking for this too.

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As a WILD guess, I bet the 2016 Samsung SmartTV’s will use WOL to turn on and since there is going to be integration with SmartThings, I bet the WOL feature will come once the 2016 TVs come out…

Would love to see this as a feature too

Any idea how I can do wake on lan to a device? like pc with smart things or amazon echo? i have a couple of devices with staic ip that i would like to do wol with through echo

this may make since to some

this guy is doing some type of wol but i cant read the code
$:.push File.expand_path(’…/lib’, FILE)

require “bravtroller/version” do |gem| = 'bravtroller’
gem.version = Bravtroller::VERSION

gem.summary = "Controller for the Bravia KDL-50W700B"
gem.description = “Controller for the Bravia KDL-50W700B supporting WOL and IRCC (Remote Control emulation). Likely supports other Sony devivces that expose the same services”

gem.authors = [‘Christopher Mullins’] = '’
gem.homepage = '
gem.license = ‘MIT’

gem.add_dependency(‘easy_upnp’, ‘>= 0.1.8’)

gem.add_development_dependency(‘rake’, ‘~> 10.4’)

ignores = File.readlines(".gitignore").grep(/\S+/).map(&:chomp)
dotfiles = %w[.gitignore]

all_files_without_ignores = Dir["**/*"].reject { |f| || ignores.any? { |i| File.fnmatch(i, f) }

gem.files = (all_files_without_ignores + dotfiles).sort

gem.require_path = "lib"

Hi Tyler,

Just wondered if any update since your posting in January.

Still hoping for a WOL feature!!

I’m SO close… OK, I used the device handler from this post and with a minor edit I was able to get that working to at least hibernate my PC from smartthings, but implementing the script file he posted is proving very difficult. I’m using Tomato firmware and I’m coming to the conclusion that it won’t work… In the meantime I’m using a different app that will WOL my PC from anywhere and the device handler above to shutdown my PC (at least I was able to automate the shutdown when I leave my house…)

If anybody has advice on how to get it working on Tomato that’d be swell.

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Well, I’m one step closer… I found a website/service that will send the WOL packet if you enter the URL with your connection info,. ADDRESS HERE&i=IP OR HOSTNAME HERE&s= HERE

If someone would be willing to modify a smart app (such as the one I posted above) to facilitate this plus a way to “ping” the PC status I’d be stoked… and willing to offer some compensation.

I have a Plex media server and would love to be able to put it into sleep and wake it at certain times of the day (e.g. at night) to save power. Here’s hoping a WOL capability is coming for half of the solution.

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OK, we can turn the PC on and off but what about something that can ping the PC to keep the status buttons in sync?

Only way I have figured out so far is by using an Iris Power Plug to monitor Power Use. I created a piston in CoRE to keep the Virtual Switch and physical on/off in sync.

Did you get anywhere with this? Is there a way to ping the PC so the button stays in sync? I’d be interested to know.