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[WINDOWS TUTORIAL] PC On/Off (No Hardware Required)


(Gilberto Gonzalez) #65

i think now i get the IFTTT makes the udpdate happen but cant program that to webcore becuase i dont undertant what is it, i could not find it under physical devices, really lost here :disappointed_relieved:_

(Nick D) #66

It won;t be under physical devices, look closely at the guide and there are special instructions for the status system.

(Seth Daniel) #67

I have everything setup as you said. The PC properly responds to turning the switch on and off, so EventGhost is getting the calls from the network and putting the PC to sleep. I have curl installed for all users, I checked the firewall, and whitelisted EventGhost. EventGhost shows the trigger and the action happening when the pc turns on or off, but the switch is not getting updated when the computer is turned on or off outside of using the switch.

If I copy and paste the command from the EventGhost action into a command prompt, it updates the switch properly. However, if I press the execute item button in EventGhost, it does not update the switch. I’m not sure what EventGhost is doing wrong here. Is there a place to view the logs of an attempted EventGhost action? Or any ideas what could be causing this behavior?

(Nick D) #68

Is EventGhost running as admin?Do you have the “Ru as Admin” ox checked for he command?

(Seth Daniel) #69

EventGhost was not running as admin. I did not have the Run as Admin box checked.

I just restarted EventGhost as admin, and now it’s working, though. Not sure why it has to be admin, but that’s ok.

I also had the same problem with wake up as njschwartz had, so I added a 5s wait after wake up and now everything is working.

Thanks for the setup! This is super helpful.

(Justin Ide) #70

So i’m trying to find a solution to if I ever need to shut down or reboot my PC remotely from a public IP. Can I achieve that using this?


Where can I get the webcore script and the eventghost tree needed for this. They don’t seem to be downloadable from this thread. All I can see is the pictures.

(Nick D) #72

Strange. The download link still works for me. try it from another device and PM me if you still need them.

(Nick D) #73

I am not sure what you mean. inside or outside of the SmartThings ecosystem? As long as your ST Hub is on the same PRIVATE network, you can do it from anywhere. Also, you can let WebCoRE be invoked by webhooks (ex: IFTTT triggers, POST requests)

(Mike Coscia) #74

Nick, this is fantastic. Thank you so much!

(Alwas) #76

I noticed last night the PC didn’t shut down with the Goodnight routine as usual. Saw yesterday that the PC downloaded and installed some Windows updates, which deleted my Eventghost configurations! So had to reconfigure EventGhost, turn on at System Startup and minimize to system tray on close, and added back the EventGhost Tree Template. and I’m back up and running. Using a Windows 8.1, I guess I have to turn off “Install updates automatically”.