Windows phone presence sensor. One phone triggers both accounts

(Doug ) #1

Im new here and just setting things up. I created an account with my phone then I invited my wife. When her phone leaves nothing happens. when my phone leaves it says we both left even though she is still home. How can I check which phone has what presence turned on or attached to them?

(Ron S) #2

See if this helps:

(Doug ) #3

I did try that. I think this may have something to do with the windows phone app. The only way I could get the second sdevice to show up was to add a new location on that device and transfer it to the other location. But I can’t delete the new test location. I get a server error

(Ron S) #4

Doug, I would suggest making a service request. The support guys are the best and extremely helpful. They can sort out your issue.

(Doug ) #5

will do. I there a way I can remove a linked account? I would like to try and start over. Also, I don’t have a hub yet(its in the mail) would this cause a issue with adding phone’s as devices?

(Ron S) #6

Don’t think so. Request support to remove the linked account clean. And start afresh. Keep in mind I am on iPhone. Although you can try removing the linked account from the ide.
One small piece of unwarranted advice. Remove everything and start again once you have your hub in your hands. :wink:

(Doug ) #7

Just to let you know this was a issue of not having a Hub. After my hub arrived i was able to add devices

(Dave) #8

Doug - are you able to get consistent presence detection from your Windows Phones? I and my wife have WP8.1 (Lumia 1020) phones, and presence detection doesn’t seem consistent for us. So wondering what your experience is like…maybe I have something defined incorrectly. We both have login credentials for SmartThings, and have the version of the app installed on both our phones.

Thanks in advance…

(Doug ) #9

Seems to be hit and miss. I did add my wife as a second user. She has her own log in. I also put presence sensors in each car (They don’t make anything happen in a smartapp) but it seems it has helped. (Maybe it triggers a ping to the phone?)
I found the presence Sensors (First gen) have short battery life’s. maybe 3 months(Summer). I think the Windows phone smartthings app just needs a overhaul! Maybe Windows 10 Mobile will bring something.
I also increased the size of the geo fence. (allow more time)