Windows Phone as presence sensor

posting these problems here due to lack of response from SmartThings support :open_mouth:

I’m experiencing a few issues with the Smartthings app and using my mobile as a presence sensor.

Equipment details as follows:
• Mobile device – Nokia Lumia 830 running Windows 10 mobile
• Mobile device – Apple iPhone 6

• App problem on Windows device – When navigating through the app I have to click the back button between 3 and 8 times to exit current options. As an example, to exit ‘Things’ always takes 3 clicks of the back arrow.
• Presence sensor issue – My iPhone reports leaving and arriving home every time and activates routines as expected, however the Nokia Lumia fails every time the device is tried. I have my geofence set to 350m.

I’ve removed and re-added the device several times and all location service are active. To test this I’ve set location based reminders using Cortana and these trigger without fail so I know the Lumia is reporting its location as expected. I’ve also tested this with Life360 and it reports my location without fail and promptly.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

I use a virtual presence sensor and have rules in rule machine set that presence when either the Life 360 or ST app updates presence. Works exceedingly well. But on win phone check the battery saver and location settings and ensure the st app can run in the background and use location.

If all else fails delete the mobile presence from ST and re add using the add presence sensor, mobile option

Hi Stuart,
thanks for the reply. I’ve tried all the things you suggested but still no luck. Think I will resort to Life360 for presence sensor duties. Hope ST sort out the issue soon though.

Still not heard back from support which is disappointing. All things aside though, getting addicted to the ST platform :smile:

For your Nokia Lumia 830 do following to remove your issues:(Hard Reset will fix your all problems)

  • Press and hold the Volume down button, then briefly press the Power button. Keep the volume down button held down until an icon appears.
  • Press Volume up.
  • Press Volume down.
  • Press Power.
  • Press Volume down.
  • The phone will reset and reboot to the initial setup screen.
    Check complete summary in Microsoft Lumia 830 Manual.

thanks for your reply. I’ve cured all my problems now by switching to Android :slight_smile: