Does anyone's location presence work on a Windows phone?

My android knows when I am back and leave, windows phone never seems to know. Wondering if others have this issue


My Windows Phone presence sensor works pretty well…much better than the Smarthings Arrival Sensor (which is “away”, and never comes back – and currently I have it sitting on top of my hub!)

The two windows phones in my household are very hit or miss - sometimes they work great for weeks at a time, other times, only one of them will work reliably (and it’s either one, not one in particular). There doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between using Life360 for presence versus the standard ST app mobile presence sensing.
(My wife has a Lumia 920 running Windows Phone 8.1, I have a Lumia 1020 running Windows 10 Mobile.)

Both my wife and I have iPhones and they have been working pretty well. One thing that helped a lot was increasing the size of the geofence around my house. This means that your system has longer to recognize when you enter it. Our phones do no ping their location in realtime but rather in every so often. If you are having problems with your system not registering your return try increasing the size of your circle around your house.

My wife and I both have iPhones, and her’s was having an issue until she double checked to ensure it was always sharing its location with SmartThings. Once she changed that, we haven’t had issues (we’ve had the system for about 1 month).

We both have Android devices and they are working great. Lights and lock both cut on before I am to the door.

iPhones both work well for us.

Yes, SGS6 and iP6.

Fairly reliably as well though my Nexus 4 was even better.

My Android Galaxy S5 works well. My wife’s iphone 4s works well as long as she is not talking on it when she is coming or going. We are on Verizon. No talk and data on 3g. I see a new phone in her future. I have also increased the size of the geofence and, just as a backup, we use life 360 too. Either smartthings or life 360 will trigger the home or away mode.

iPhone works well as long as I’m not on the phone when I arrive.

My galaxy s5 works perfectly every time. My wifes iphone 5s works kinda mostly. But sometimes doesnt. So i put life360 on her phone, and now ifttt, a simulated switch, and rule manager controls presence sensing for her.

Mine has been working pretty consistently over the past two weeks. But of course now I’ve jinxed it.

So I have a windows phone and an android and I think I figured it out. What was happening is after setting up with my android, now that I use the windows phone it was never tracking me as the presence was associated with the android device that never left home. What I did?
I had to delete the android from devices
Create a new user login
Login from the windows device. This still didn’t work
Went into add devices on Windows and found an add device for mobile presence.

Now it seems to work. I don’t recall having to add a device for mobile presence with either my wifes iphone or my android. With Windows it seems I had to do this.

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I had trouble with mine until I realized that each mobile phone you wanted to use as a presence sensor needed to have it’s own separate account. Since then my WM has registered nearly flawlessly. I say nearly flawlessly, because if i’m actively on a call when I get home it will not register my return until I poll it.

My Windows 10 phone works great. My wifes Windows 8 phone doesn’t work so well.

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It has been unreliable for the past few days (weeks?)

Works for me and my wife.

Windows phone seems to work better than android because St doesn’t ping constantly so battery drain is lower. Our android phones cannot run all day with location or it drains the battery.