Windows Phone App - Pin specific items to Start

Does anybody know if Smartthings is working on the ability to Pin individual objects to the Start screen using the Windows Phone app? It would be really slick, for example to just have some of my often-used devices right on the start screen, rather than loading up the (very sluggish) ST app (which appears to just be an Android port) and navigating to the device.

Perhaps with Windows 10 already out for PC and on the horizon for mobile, there will be renewed focus on the Windows platform.


I had the exact same thought the first time I tried loading up the app on my windows phone. There’s got to be a faster way to trigger processes. Tile buttons would be nice, or just a quick loading menu of buttons.

The third-party dashboard, smarttiles, is very popular in the community and can work in any web browser. So you should be able to set that up on a Windows phone. It’s not quite as convenient as just a start tile, but it’s customizable and you definitely can do more with it then with the official mobile app in this regard. :sunglasses:

There’s even a topic in the forum where people share their ideas for customized displays and even wall-mounted hardware for smart tiles. It might give you some ideas as well.