Will Z-wave device manufactured in US work in INDIA? (if we use ST manufactured in US)

Will a inovelli Z-wave Smart Switch work with a Samsung SmartThings hub in India? {I am planning to buy both inovelli z-wave smart switch and smartthings hub(manufactured in US) from USA and then will use it in India}

Yes, Absolutely. As far as both are same from US it will work. I bought my smartthings hub at US and now using it in India back home. Though I stopped purchasing ZigBee/zwave, I am cooking my own sensors using esp8266. Never the less, it will work if you purchase from US. Anyway, the indian frequency zwave devices were much more costlier.
Pugazhendhi M

How do you plan to use a 110 volt switch on a 220 volt circuit?


Well you have a point…i need to check the support first or else I have to go with xiaomi smart switch!!
But I heard xiaomi devices get disconnect after some days…and we have repeat the same process to reconnect them.so I was thinking of buying Inovelli but now I have to check support first.

Hi, The smartthings power supply is universal. that is it can work in India without any modifications. Except you need a converter.

But as far as the xiaomi sensors, it is working rock solid for more than one year now.

I should say they are most reliable than samsungs own motion sensors and door sensors.

Converter I mean by us plug to Indian plug converter

Is it illegal to use the US Z-Wave frequency in India? It is in the UK.


I was referring to the Innovelli wall switch. I highly doubt it works for 220 volts.

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I am at loss. But for these applications, I am using sonoff products along with the smartthings. Which works out great, if that helps.

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Pugazhendhi M

Does sonoff have similar smart switches like inovelli ? And where can we find device handler to pair with smartthings?

Is this question being ignored or doesn’t it matter in India? @shubhamgajbhiye? @mpugazh?

The downside, if it is not legal, is interference with a licensed radio service. That could include first responders: police, fire, or ambulance services!

Exactly. Thats why it is illegal in the UK. Also, I believe the US z-wave output from the bub is more powerful. Not 100% sure though.

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If Xiaomi sensors working rock solid for you then you must have great device handler code. Is it possible for you to share those Xiaomi motion & door sensor device handler “Github” link?

I do not have enough information on it!
I only know that Zwave has different operating frequency according to the country’s rules and regulation.

Yes, it is being ignored for now as we hardly find z-wave products here and the price is normally 5 - 6 times what costs in US.

But this could be rectified when smartthings run things locally and ZigBee becomes more reliable.

The above Device handler is the best and only thing is to get this pair. Once paired, it work satisfactorily. I even now forgot how I pairded them. They are now operational for more than a year. But I never had to re-paired them or have to disconnect them for what ever reason.

But the same I did with samsung motion detectors as I have to reset the battery now and then.

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The above works very very well with sonoff. and they as such do not have any product directly comparable with inovelli. The looks of it suggests it wont fit into the wiring closets. Neither is sonoff. It wont go in indian wiring closets at all. Either I will have then in a individual live wires or on a separate box which will go into TV cabinet.
Another one which goes into the wiring closet but works somewhat ok is aeotec smart relays.


hmm, while it It is still illegal, the power level used in these radios were significantly lower to cause hardly any interference. More over, the spread of smart home products are in very nascent stage which are now used only by enthusiasts and hardly make any difference. I have a total of only 2 z-wave produts, One is a siren and the other one is a water sensor. I am using them only for their reliability. Others are like I said , either xiaomi or sonoff.( ZigBee and LAN Connected)

i cant thank you enough.