Will vibration sensor be a good proxy for power status of AC?

I’m in the process of building a climate control routine.
One hurdle that I’m facing is to get feedback from my AC that I plan to turn on through a z-wave IR blaster.
Since an IR blaster can only send an on/off signal - the same one at that -, it’s hard to tell whether my AC is on or off.
To get around this problem, I’m thinking of using a vibration sensor (or a multipurpose sensor) to detect whether the AC is on or not.

Does anyone see an immediate problem with this approach?

Nope, but what type of AC unit? Window, outside compressor, inside floor/wall unit? If it’s an outside unit, just protect the device from the weather.

Depending on the unit, and power requirements, you could/maybe use a power metering device, like an Aeon HEM or heavy duty outlet, to detect when it’s running.

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