Will there be a Stock Edge Weather tile?

The current weather tile ST provide is unacceptable, i do not want to be moved outside of the app and onto a web page full of adverts, no other smart app for HA does this

Some are full featured, others more basic but all contained within there own app

The old DTH weather tile had the ability to just add a zip or postcode and you had detailed weather stats on a device tile and alot of the details provided were actionable


Stumbled on this thread as I’m looking for the same thing.

To answer this question, I want to be able to use realtime data for my specific location to run automations. Yes, the built in weather does provide some, but its not as inclusive as my personal weather station, and it isn’t for my exact location. For example, I can trigger a routine to happen when it’s “rainy”, but rainy where? Somewhere in my zip code? I would rather trigger the routine only when it’s raining in my back yard. I’m currently getting around this by using a virtual switch, but it would be nice to have a weather tile that had that data all in one place.

Yes, I get it, I’m an edge case that has wants that aren’t of the typical user, but a boy can have his dreams, right?

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I think what the person you were replying to was eluding to is that SmartThings already has weather integrations that are actionable. You can create routines on weather for your zip code for weather conditions (rainy, snowy, cloudy, clear), temperature, humidity, and severe weather alerts.

This doesn’t really help much for displaying the data on a tablet, but I think that responsibility is on the panel software, not SmartThings.

An Edge driver seems perfectly reasonable for a hub connected Personal Weather Station. I said that all along.

If the Personal Weather Station is cloud connected then a cloud connected device integration would seem to be more appropriate, not least because it is more easily achieved and doesn’t introduce a dependence on a hub and an internet connection. Similarly if the weather data comes from a cloud service and you would like to treat it like a device, wouldn’t a cloud connected device be the one to go for? I just don’t see why an Edge driver would be desirable. That was my main point. The appeal wasn’t for a replacement for legacy functionality, it was specifically for an Edge driver.

My secondary question was really over the appeal of the device model for weather. I can get it for obs from a PWS but not for historical obs and forecast data.

It was also all in a context where there were frequent requests for, and seemingly much enthusiasm for, Edge drivers that were not only not for hub connected devices, but arguably not for devices at all.

Does anyone know if the current built in weather tile will continue to exist post groovy? I am having difficulties with mine and it is updating very infrequently. Similarly to the op, I am looking for a source for weather and lux levels going forward that can be used to trigger automations in smartthings.

The old DTH weather tiles appear to be dead.

@TAustin has a Edge Driver for weather that is able to pull data from several different sources but I do not believe Lux is one of his data points. You also need a constantly running PC or RPi for it to work.

So to confirm, there is no longer a built in way for smartthings to trigger events based on light /dark levels or weather?

I find it borderline comical that this supposed smartthub has devolved to a point where it literally can no longer turn on a light when it’s dark out.

Is this not one of the most basic and fundamental functions that one would expect of a smarthome? Ie… It’s dark out. Turn on a light.

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My understanding is that Lux was not a measured value in the old weather tiles. It was calculated number based on time of day and other things like cloud cover.

So you can write routines based on cloud cover and time of day. It takes some experimenting to get the desired results.


DarkSky seemed to be one of the few sources that had a light level reading, however they are shutting down, so I had removed the field from my weather devices.

If you happen to find a source and you’d like to see it added as an option in my driver, let me know.

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Is Open Weather Home the edge driver that would also require me to have an always on PC?

Yes, that is one of @TAustin data sources as is Weather Underground plus others.

Weather Underground is neat source because it can pick up data from private weather stations in your neighborhood. But again to there is no lux data.

Thanks. It seems like the easiest option might be to just purchase a zigbee light sensor then, short of my running an always on PC just to get access to basic information that samsung has blindly removed. Sigh.

And in the long run it will probably be cheaper than always running a computer

Mine is still working, which I was surprised by. Refreshing is definitely slower now because I used to have a webcore routine forcing it to update, but I am pretty shocked it’s still getting updates.

Good suggestion on the routine using clouds and time. Can connect that to a virtual switch and trigger when “dark” so can embed in routines without needing a ton of copies for each one. Stinks to have to do it for something that really should be built in, but not awful to do and should be about as good. I do feel like the weather tile might have accommodated for how close to sunset it actually gets dark.

Yes!! I think that is exactly what is happening with me. I forgot I must have built a webcore routine forcing the weather tiles to update more frequently… Which is now not running.

Any recos from the community on a good light sensor? The cheapest I can find is like $65CAD… Seems pricey for what it is.

I’ve given up looking for one so bought an outdoor Lux sensor

What did you end up getting? I’m finding the stock weather tile is still working, which I was surprised by post groovy, but maybe the axe has till yet to fall.

Me too. Settled on Philips hue, which is also a motion sensor.

Smart Lighting and Smart Weather Alert were mentioned as being exempted from the shutdown of Groovy. Smart Lighting has been replaced, perhaps Smart Weather has also?

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On my system “Severe Weather Alert” was automatically migrated to a Routine last week and the SmartApp disappeared from my system.

I know this because I kept getting alerts and wanted to turn it off but I could not find the SmartApp. So the next time the alert popped up I clicked on it and it brought up a routine which I was able to silence.

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